What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Fantasy Hip Hop: Make Your Own Label.

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How to play:

The goal of the game is to make the best label possible, by purchasing artists to build a roster that will be successful. I post artist and players bid for them. Once artists are bought, the players will create album/group album releases for them. They must include track listings as well as album covers. Each participant will start with a budget of $300 million for their label. Spend your money wisely. Players must come up with a name before starting. Players must have 1 album release from any of their artist and 1 group album. You don't have to be a expert in Photoshop to make dope covers, just let your creativity shine.
Bids usually start low like 5 mill (for ex.) and build up to their final price depending on their tier, try not to overbid...bid in small millions. . After all the money is spent, the labels will be evaluated on cohesion, album tracklist/covers. Must have 200+ posts to play.
Times will be set for auctions so the players don't miss out. I'll post a artist, and for the next five minutes or so...players post their bids. When the auction is over, players may get up to 5 artist (that were left over from the auction) for free.(Points will not be given to players though)
Artists will be categorized into 4 tiers based on their status in the music industry.
For example:
Jay Z, Drake, Nas, = Tier 1 (Tier 1 artist usually go for 150 M)
J. Cole, Wale, A$AP Rocky = Tier 2 (Tier 2 artist usually go for 70 M)
Chance the Rapper, ASAP Ferg, = Tier 3
Cyhi the Prince, Mike G = Tier 4
 *Tiers will NOT be auctioned in order
The host and five other judges will vote on the best label after about a week. Judges must give reasons why they chose a individual's label. There will be a community vote as well, and the winner of that vote will get three votes added to their count. Second place will get two, third will get one. Posters of the IC must have 300+ posts to vote and must explain why they chose a individual's label.
Bids must be at least $1 million higher than the previous bid. No retracting bids. If you don't participate for an extended period, your label will be auctioned off. During bidding, you can get a refund for an artist you want for 50% money back. You may do this 3 times. No overbidding, for ex. No bidding 100 Mill on a artist straight from the jump. Building your way up to 100 Mill is fine but bidding that high from the start is unacceptable. If overbidding occurs and posters fail to stop, I will shut down the game and continue at another time.

Trades and money offers are allowed via PM. Host must be included.

1 Mill is the the minimum, can't bid lower than that.

Trolling or attempts to derail thread will get you kicked out the game.
Points system:
Points will help set up seeds for who will go against who once the auction is over. Points will also help you buy features from other labels. Spend your points wisely.

Players will get:
100 points for picking up a tier 1 artist.
75 points for picking up a tier 2 artist.
50 points for picking up a producer.
25 points for picking up a tier 3 artist.
10 points for picking up a tier 4 artist

If you want a feature or a beat from artist/producer
Feature from a tier 1 artist - 50 points per feature
Feature from a tier 2 artist - 35 points per feature
Feature from a tier 3 artist - 10 points per feature
Feature from a tier 4 artist - 5 points per feature

Beat from a producer on another label - 25 points per beats

Mystery Artist: Every now an then, I will post up a question mark instead of a picture of artist. Players will have to decide if they want to place bids.

Producers: Producers can make your tracklist look twice as better. You can only say your song was produced by the producers you won in the auction For ex. You can't say *track name* was produced by Mike Will Made It unless Mike Will is on your label. If you buy a beat from another label, you will then be able to put that producers name on your tracklist for the song or songs you brought beats for.
Judges: @mohamed


1. @Vader
G.Y.P (Gimme yo publishing) Entertainment - 300 M

2. n.mcfly
The Movement - 300 M

3. @Michael_Malice 310 Points
New Money Entertainment - 167 M
Big Boi - 13 M
Wale - 41 M
Jhene Aiko - 3 M
Spitta - 15 M
Lil Wayne - 60 M
4. @scrapper1
Power Circle Entertainment - 300 M

5. @KingGivBiz
biz World order - 300 M

6. @Ibex 250 Points
Freak 🤬 's & Flows - 3 M
J. Cole - 74 M
Rick Ross - 35 M
Drake - 188 M

7. @MadSirius 100 Points
Hoffa Hitta Records - 155 M
Ab Soul - 2 M
A$AP Ferg - 1M
Pusha T - 72 M
SchoolboyQ - 35 M

8. @white715
1520 Entertainment - 300 M

9. 5 Grand
Fivegrand Corporation - 300 M

10. @Returnofthemac1990 325 Points
DDM (Detroit Deli Music) - 105 M
Big Sean - 2 M
Noah 40 - 70 M
Meek Mill - 25 M
A$AP Rocky - 98 M

11. @IceBergTaylor 110 Points
Renaissance Rap Entertainment - 178 M
The Weeknd - 105 M
Chance The Rapper - 5 M
Jay Rock - 17 M

12. @TonyDubbz 300Points
SkyLine Records - 38 M
Rihanna - 25 M
Beyonce - 62 M
Jay Z - 175 M

13. @Sion 225 Points
Sion Records - 175 M
No I.D. - 33 M
Nas - 90 M
Macklemore - 2 M

14. @SuperSoaker 200 Points
N.R.A. (National Rap Association) - 0
Kanye West - 226 M
50 Cent - 74 M

15. @_Menace_ 150 Points
Goodfellaz.ENT 126M
Timbaland - 80 M
Eminem - 94 M


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