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Exposing \/\/\/\/E's biased revisionist history - Ultimate Warrior's \/\/C\/\/ debut

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WWE chose to include Okerlund's false comment "ratings during that quarter hour sunk like a rock" to serve it's own bias agenda. FTR Warrior's quarter hours head to head with RAW:

24th Aug - Warrior (4.7 & 6.5) RAW (5.3 & 3.8), 31 Aug - RAW pre-empted,

7th Sep - RAW pre-empted, 14th Sep - Warrior (3.8) RAW (4.1),

21st Sep - Warrior (4.2) RAW (3.5), 12th Oct - Warrior (5.3) RAW (4.2),

19th Oct - Warrior (4.7) RAW (4.7), 26th Oct - Warrior (4.6) RAW (4.3)


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    Didn't watch the video but I can see the premise is already flawed. Why didnt they compare the ratings before and after warrior to warrior's segment?

    Comparing Warrior's segment to RAW isnt the discussion.

    Gene also talking about the one segment but instead they are rolling out multiple segments over multiple weeks.

    Of course the Self-Destruction project (while awesome) was a hit job on warrior but he was indeed 🤬 in the ring and on the mic and these things can't really be disputed.