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What type of fighter has the best chance against Floyd?

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What do they have to do to have the best chance against The Champ?
I think you have to have more similar skill with the ability to move and defend!
You have to be able to good body to head combos cuz if you don't slow him down wit body shots trying to hit his head is like trying knock out a swarm of flies with only your hands!
Floyd is a defensive master but he does give his opppenents a chance to hit him!
Canelo was a descent offensive fighter but his hands to slow and they hyped this kats power like he was gone break ribs and 🤬 he didn't never get a damaging shot!
I seen plenty of fights and can tell that some of these challengers have no hand speed and can't catch Floyd using minimal movement!
How did Canelo have undefeated record with the lack of skills!
Seems like lack of competition in this era it use to be way more competitive!