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Best 🤬 tied to nerdy personality, studies show.



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    That being said, the best 🤬 I've gotten from were from foul mouthed freaky extroverts......
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    DR. JEK wrote: »
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    Ive always been the one guy out the click everybody know that will talk to the geek girls. I like the aspect of bringing them outta they shell and shaping and molding them into some somebodies. When im through wit them girls they end up acting like Rihanna

    Even better when you see her some time later leading a dude through the mall whipped out his skull carrying 10 bags. She walking 10 feet in front of him, see you, and damn near sprint to make small talk. Meanwhile, he limp over, stand there waiting on an intro for five minutes before the "I eat ass" face falls when he realizes she don't even care that he's back there, and don't get an acknowledgment until you exit the scene like, "Well, I'm a let y'all finish shopping then. Nice seeing you."

    Pride make him want to swing; her 🤬 makes him sit still, but you're just walking off thinking about a $5 Subway. Nothing like permastamping some 🤬 .

    Hahaha, why i had something similar happen two months ago when i ran into this one chick and her new dude? She recognize me and came over and her man looked all salty and awkward and gave me a forced head nod while she was on some " it s good to see you!!" 🤬 askin me do i have the same number and everything in front of him. I glanced up at him and he tried to act like he aint hear her ask me that by checkin his phone all of a sudden. I was thinking damn, this girl bold, he must be a sucka for lettin that slide.

    Thats a bold ass 🤬 , i wish a 🤬 would try me like that them hoes no better.
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    First it's fat chicks, now nerd chicks?

    When is 🤬 chick going to get their turn?

    🤬 , I always wanted head from this fine one.
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    Left handed people are the biggest freaks.
  • herbalism101
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    ohhhla wrote: »
    First it's fat chicks, now nerd chicks?

    When is 🤬 chick going to get their turn?

    🤬 , I always wanted head from this fine one.

    Lemme know when y'all get to midgets.....
  • Sour-Cream
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    ohhhla wrote: »
    First it's fat chicks, now nerd chicks?

    When is 🤬 chick going to get their turn?

    🤬 , I always wanted head from this fine one.

    🤬 🤬 give 🤬 head bruh.
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    Will Munny wrote: »
    I go to a school with an huge equine science program. I can tell you this. redneck girls who ride horses, can't ride 🤬 . Nor can give decent head. 🤬 it anyway

    say it so ....
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    Two freakiest women I ever 🤬 with are teachers...so does that count?
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    I banged a nerd she was fat and was playing nintendo all the time . I met her at a lan her headgame was horrible
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    Is there a such thing as good bjs tho? Cuz im sayin good is a relative term in that sense, no?

    Like me, i like them sloppy, but not overly sloppy, 🤬 & sucking & jerking you off in a all-in-1 motion thing. You know when they leave a lil suck it, leave a lil spit at the top of the 🤬 , use that thang to rub your 🤬 while licking the 🤬 & simultaneously jerking you off & then go back to sucking it a bit while messaging your ball. That 🤬 is GOAT.

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    Matt- wrote: »
    So ILL wrote: »
    Thought everyone knew this 🤬 , that's why I 🤬 with quiet and nerdy chicks. They go hard and won't have all of your business in the streets.

    🤬 fat 🤬 post

    Fat 🤬 need love, too. Don't sleep on a cute fat 🤬 , they'll go hard, and they keep food on deck lol.

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    I met this tall nerdy black chic on Blackplanet,years ago.Picked her up to kick it one day.
    She was on the p. So I worked her up n she started giving me some head.After like 2 minutes she asked if I can get her a cup full of crushed ice.Im like now?for what?,says youll see.
    I get it,shee puts the ice in her mouth and proceeds to suck suck n suck away.
    Ima tough 🤬 but she gotdamn dominated me with that 🤬
    ..and it was GOAT, that 🤬 defeated me
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    Damn bruh, its 2014 and a jawn just now hippin you to the ice mouth tactic? You must aint been wit no prior professionals
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    I didn't have a dime nerd, but this nerd chick I was 🤬 with I was her first 🤬 ..first try sucked, but by the 3rd try she was All-Madden. Nerds learn fast.
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    twatgetta wrote: »
    So Basically, If your gal or jumpoff talks a lotta 🤬 about her bedroom manners, THAT 🤬 can't even 🤬 her own finger, 🤬 all dry, making excuses and blaming you for the stale 🤬 session.... BUT if the broad is a nerd, all bottled up and shy, giggles a lot with coke-bottle eyes when she sees your 🤬 out... THAT broad will suck your 🤬 off the bone...Has something to do with inhibitions and how nerdy broads try to go all out because they rarely get to 🤬 much since they are so damn nerdy.

    Do you believe this to be true?

    Have you ever 🤬 a dime nerd?

    Aye.In my lifetime i've had plenty a lasses yaffle my yoghurt cannon, but I found that nerdy, old, fat and ugly ones curled my toes the hardest. Id even go further to and mention the tree hugging, muesli eating eco loving birds. All the ones ive courted have been 🤬 grand masters.
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    Yes I Agree!
    I had a few nerdy chicks that made my toes curl hell, 🤬 chicks ain't no joke either lol
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    SnuffD, who is that chick in yo sig???

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    mc317 wrote: »

    It must be wack to have a supersized 🤬 .
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    @Kat go put some glasses on and post a pic. I bet you could pass for a nerd.
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    twatgetta wrote: »

    Reminds me of Olivia Munn
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    twatgetta wrote: »

    Off topic:

    Biggest 🤬 in the world. Women choose, men take what they get. A man will 🤬 most women. That pic is just some phony bs. Women pick guys based on ideals and what they believe can be provided by staying close to you. In what world are girls like that "no on most guys radar"? There arent even that many "nerdy chicks", and 99% of them dont look like that.

    Even so, women get 🤬 based on having a 🤬 - which have made yall spoiled and not having to work for ANYTHING relationship wise. A women dont have to have personality to get a man, dont have to make men "comfortable", dont have to do 🤬 really but exist. Men - we have to do everything to get a woman. So that pic is just some internet bull tbh.