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Best 🤬 tied to nerdy personality, studies show.



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    It must be wack to have a supersized 🤬 .

    We all that "ruined"

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    Off topic:

    Biggest 🤬 in the world. Women choose, men take what they get. A man will 🤬 most women. That pic is just some phony bs. Women pick guys based on ideals and what they believe can be provided by staying close to you. In what world are girls like that "no on most guys radar"? There arent even that many "nerdy chicks", and 99% of them dont look like that.

    Even so, women get 🤬 based on having a 🤬 - which have made yall spoiled and not having to work for ANYTHING relationship wise. A women dont have to have personality to get a man, dont have to make men "comfortable", dont have to do 🤬 really but exist. Men - we have to do everything to get a woman. So that pic is just some internet bull tbh.

    That's all ridiculous. If that was true then there would be way more men into necrophilia.
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    I was seeing this girl and her blow jobs will always stay with me her style of sucking 🤬 was outstanding slow and gentle made me 🤬 so hard
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    Best head I ever got was from a 9, but she wasn't particularly nerdy. I've also been with a few nerdy girls, and I can't really vouch for this claim. I do agree that it's easier to get them to blow you on the first date though
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    ...This one time....in band camp...
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