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Kathryn's Feelings Database

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From recent posts such as
"🤬 I'm such a racist"

"The OJ Simpson case was as bad as Emmett Till"

to classics such as
"Black people 🤬 too much"

"Yes I've said 🤬 before"

The known demon @MzGrahamBitches has let thousands of emotionally motivated posts spew from her fingertips over her last 20 years on the IC.

Shes known for hateful barely disguised racially motivated rhetoric and attempting to undermine positive black thought and advancing all around ignorance and evil. This thread will be used to archive her many emotions, both racial and just her usual stupid.

and since she has a fondness for clicking feelings whenever a black human has something positive or intelligent to say we need to fight fire with fire. So when you see one of her jezebellic posts in here, go do your part and click feelings or flag her post so she knows we see her evil