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The superyacht of the future

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The upper mesh structure - which has been compared to a skeleton - of the stunning design connects the different decks of the 90m vessels. Dwarfing the five 'smaller' yachts is a design for a 128m 'mothership'. She told Dezeen: 'As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture – which all become much more extreme on water. 'Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2460706/The-superyacht-future-The-stunning-fleet-designed-British-architect-looks-set-billionaires-toy.html#ixzz2hu3cNtHL


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    looks like a wraith ship
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    well damn.... first cat to break one of these out in a rap video will be the next big thing LOL
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    That first joint is ugly as 🤬 .
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    After titanic I say 🤬 boats ships yatch everything, I 🤬 dam near drown in a pool I dnt do that ocean 🤬 ...
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    The future! This is the apex of the vortex of yacht engineering...the future man! the future!
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