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Parents Are The Hardest People To Please

UnderMiSensi Members Posts: 955 ✭✭✭✭✭
This video is dedicated to any young person who has a dream with no one really supporting what they want to do, who have parents or any elder just 🤬 on any thing they have to say and are losing confidence in themselves because of naysayers and haters. Hell even I'm going through the same 🤬 , but 🤬 the pompous knowitall haters that judge you and do you.

I initially didn't know where to post this and then came to the conclusion that the growing pains section would be the best place.


  • GorillaWitAttitude
    GorillaWitAttitude Members Posts: 3,566
    At least I can please my parents. Now that's a good feeling.
  • DOPEdweebz
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    Can 100% relate to the video @GreenCapitalist90‌
    We naturally seek our parents approval but there's a point and time we have to have that self motivation and rise above even in the face of failure.
  • Maximus Rex
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    edited May 2014
    Naw bruh, Rex has to disagree. If you've ever read Broddie's posts on movie adaptions of comic books, then you'll realize he's the hardest person to please.
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