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Bullying: Instigated by the Teachers?

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Ok, my nephew got into a scrap yesterday, whoop'd the kid good but caught a black eye himself. Teacher put my nephew in the corner with his nose to the wall, but took the other kid to the office for treatment. While in the office they took the other kids story down but not my nephews' side of the story, and immediately called my brotha to the school. long story short, lil man said the Teacher was raggin' on him in front of the class for not tying his shoes, other kids get in on the joke, but one takes it too far and teases him on and on about it. so he told him to shut up or else, the other kid wouldn't stop harassing him so he dumped him on his head at recess..and they had a kiddie brawl. Now the school is sayin' my nephew needs anger counseling...tryna to humilate the situation further. My bro. says the Teacher has been after his lil man since school started, 🤬 ' with him. Now other kids think they can bully him and get away with it. but lil man is a fighter and can't deal with his emotions so easily and we fear he will smack another kid that 🤬 with him to the point of overkill.

What advice can I give my brotha? pull his kid out the school? stick it out? or what?



  • Chi Snow
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    Tell him to stop being so sensitive

    What type of shoe tying jks could really be said to make u dump someone on they head?
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    Stick it out. If your brother pulls him out of school it will teach him that he can always run from situations that are not going his way.
  • Will Munny
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    my gym teacher told us to put a kid in a garbage can one day, but then when we kept putting him in the garbage (he said it was okay once, and its funny as hell so why not do it twice?) he realized he could probably get in trouble letting us do that and made me run around the track all day.

    I wish I was smarter when I was in 7th grade so I could back talk all those 🤬 head teachers I had.
  • Trollio
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    Yo nephew is a 🤬
    Yo brother is a 🤬 🤬
    You a 🤬
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    difference between getting bullied and teased. bullies think they can hit people and wont get hit back.. teasers 🤬 jokes that are not true or funny... both usually get their ass kicked. As a child I was never scared of either, wouldn't back down. or even back up or look scared. I knew their tatic was to create fear. I can sense who can fight. If a bully looked like they would hit me I hit first. I often got suspended because I would beat. I witness teachers even holding me so the other child can sneak a hit. Thats why one time I gave a teacher a black eye for holding me and not the other child...



  • BrazilianHairMoney
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    a lot of teasers think they are bullies.. no one isn't really scared of them thats the point. Even the bullies, never been scared of them they just assume because your not a trouble maker its because you are scared to fight. They pick out someone who they think is afraid of them who is not. someone minding their business and don't even know they exist.. I never been jumped (don't plan on it) but once people see me fight 1 good time they usually leave me alone. In elementary and middle school I had a reputation for fighting. Its like people were surprised I can fight so different people wanted to try me. I Kept beating up fat girls and a couple of boys.. Teachers started calling me a trouble maker. Swung at a couple of teachers. In h.s I calmed down and start ignoring alot of 🤬 . I started seeing some fights wasnt even worth it, but some people you just got to show them because they begging to know if you can fight. it's like they wont believe it until you kick their ass..

    and bullies and teasers were always the offbrands. Thats why they want a reputation for going bad, because they don't have any reputation..
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    Tell ur brother to stop sendin ur lil nephew to school with chris bosh sneakers. Even his 🤬 teacher was clownin his kicks lmaoo
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  • BrazilianHairMoney
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    hmm.. bullies teasers always been the weakest people. Let say for instance a person is 🤬 .. here comes bully, thinking they can get rep off fighting a 🤬 person.. or trying to make it look like the person scared because they don't want to fight because they are 🤬 ..

    lets say your tired there goes bully trying to make it seem like your scared of them because you just don't feel like fighting over nonsense.

    lets say your depressed because you just lost someone close to you. here come teaser, trying to make it seem like your depressed because someone is teasing you..

    beat these weak 🤬 🤬 all to it. Who cares what they like and don't like? Who are they? Most of the time you don't even know them...

    nobody is crying or want to 🤬 themselves over their lame jokes.. and nobody is scared to fight them. Sometimes the person is crying because they know they going to jail after they deal with these dummies. or hesitating because they using their brain and is trying not to go to jail...

    THINK.. and TEACHERS who bully kids use to get bullied...and was scared to fight. .. I never jumped from no damn bully, they always was afraid.

    LOL @ people who felt like I was teasing because I posted pictures on line, or who felt bullied because I was debating with them in a topic. LOL @ that weak 🤬 ....


    & the teacher was WEAK.
  • A1000MILES
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    The teacher's a 🤬 ...He's makin fun of students...The lil 🤬 can't hit him, so he takes it out on his peers...Who are obviously some lil 🤬 who get they ass beat by a 🤬 wit loose shoelaces...That's pretty obvious...
  • KingFreeman
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    My dad told me fight words with words and fists with fists.
  • BrazilianHairMoney
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    I was fighting a 🤬 in 8th grade. I tried to avoid it for months.. people thought I was scared of her but I was on disciplinary watch, couldn't get in anymore fights or I was going to be removed from Baltimore city middle schools.. so she was munching.. I told her get some new sneaks before she fight me. because her nikes were leaned and 🤬

    well lord behold after school one day couldn't take no more.. (long story short) me and the girl started fighting I slammed her into the double doors banged her against the lockers she went down on the ground then I was stomping her

    Mrs. Johnson the counselor seen it tried to break up.. HELD me and while nobody held the other girl.. Mrs johnson was smirking like hit her. So the girl ranned towards me and tried to hit me fell under my feet, then I stomped her again.

    My homegirl was like I was physic I told the girl get another pair of sneaks before she fight me..

    nobody really saw that fight but my 1 homegirl & 4 others who said I beat so she lied came back to school and said she beat.

    I got ticked and fought her in front of a mob of people, ranned in her class and beat her in the face with a belt..

    I did get kicked out the 8th grade, but managed to get passed to the 9th.. Thats when I calmed down, because I seen I was on my way to jail. I couldnt stand mrs johnson thats not the first time she held me in the fight and let this girl named Patricia steal me in the gym. She had a personal vendetta against me.

    Mrs Johnson tried to get me jumped. I was told to report if people tried to start fights, so I wouldnt get removed. I went to mrs Johnson telling her I had beef. She got back and told the group of girls. What type of 🤬 is that? I never went to her again. I wasnt scared of them just didnt want to get removed from school.

    🤬 that type of school authority.
  • twatgetta
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    _DUB_ wrote: »
    Yo nephew is a 🤬
    Yo brother is a 🤬 🤬
    You a 🤬

    It ain't even like that you ol' snap, crackle and pop ass nigguh..lol...the lil 🤬 is gangsta we tryna keep his ass calm so he can pass. he ready whoop a kid.

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    A1000MILES wrote: »
    The teacher's a 🤬 ...He's makin fun of students...The lil 🤬 can't hit him, so he takes it out on his peers...Who are obviously some lil 🤬 who get they ass beat by a 🤬 wit loose shoelaces...That's pretty obvious...

    Yeah I was wondering how everyone missed the teacher starting the joke. Teacher should have nipped the situation in the bud from jump. I'd be more concerned with their ability to control their classroom. Kids fight it happens but teachers shouldn't be part of the equation in starting what led to the fight
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    LOL @ this fight 13 year old girl beat up teacher.