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The official 2013 NFL power rankings

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1. Kansas City Chiefs
Until they lose they are the best. Even though their competition has been weak, they won. There are teams that lose to teams the are suppose to beat all the time. Consistency has to count for something. Plus that defense is serious and offensively they take care of the football.

2. Seattle Seahawks
Strong defense that can rush the passer and defend the pass, a good offense with a poised QB that can make big plays with his arm and legs.

3T. Denver Broncos
Great offense with a HOF QB with weapons all around him, defense has been below average so far but that could turn around if they can get back to rushing the passer.

3T. New Orleans Saints
Their offense is almost as good as Denver's but their defense is better, much better at times. But they are a dome team and not as good away from home.

5. San Francisco 49ers
Collin Kaepernick has been inconsistent this season, but he is still one of the most explosive playmakers in the league and he has a great run game behind him and Bolden and Davis are the type of receivers you want to have going into the latter part of the season. Their defense is tough and fast and Aldon Smith coming back is going to make their pass rush even better.

The Colts aren't on this list because they are inconsistent they have big wins against Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco, but loses to Miami and San Diego. The injury to Reggie Wayne and how that will effect the offense is the big question going forward. They are playing a team this week (Houston Texans) that they should beat so we'll see.