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Why didn't they make a GTA V upgrade for next gen?



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    Sleeping Dogs was WAAAAAAYYYY better than GTA IV. GTA IV was 🤬 !
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    I'm one of the few people who loved the Getaway on PS2 but it was not 🤬 ' with any of the 3D GTA games. IMO, the only 3D GTA that the Getaway had a better story than was GTA III. It was good but it was nothing special. Former gangsters' family gets killed, son kidnapped so he has to be their puppet otherwise they'll 🤬 him. I've never played the sequel but I heard its worse than the first. I'd love to see a new Getaway game but I doubt it would be shttin' on anything, let alone GTA.
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    the getaway was way better at being a sim than GTA 4 ever dreamed of... we not talking about customization and 🤬 cuz if that was the case 🤬 would still play saints row... i didnt know getaway had a sequel, but the first one was GOAT... dont suck on daddy R* 🤬 too hard now... competition only helps consumers...

    way better story than any GTA also.. its on TLOU levels of involvment in the characters

    Competition is great in motivating the competitors to drastically improve the quality of their products. But Rockstar puts their all into their games, with or w/o competition because they actually give a 🤬 about the quality of their games and telling the story they want to tell. GTA could have easily been a milkable franchise with yearly title releases but they'd much rather take as much time as they need (usually years) between their releases to make the next entry that much better. They don't need the Getaway to come in and make them step their game up for the next GTA, they'll do it anyway. It aint suckin' Rockstar's 🤬 , it's giving credit where its due. They consistently put out great games.

    When you say sim, I assume you're talking about realism. The only way the Getaway was better than GTA IV at being a "sim" is in it's presentation (no huds, map, etc.) and maybe it's tone. As much as people 🤬 and cry about GTA IV being "too serious" and "not funny anymore", the Getaway was even more serious and humorless, but that's cool because it fit with the premise. As far as in-game mechanics the Getaway isn't no where near as realistic as GTA IV. I know it's older tech, but still.

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    OK got it.. its opinions after all . I'll just agree to disagree.. a next gwn getaway would be awesome tho