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Are "Burqas" Sexist? Or Do They Deserve Respect?

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In your opinion, do you think that burqas and other similar, female Muslim headgear/attire should be respected as cultural (including female Black Muslims), and/or even liberating? All I hear is "poor woman" this and "victim of sexism" that, but many of these women don't even see it that way and may take pride in what they wear. Are they misguided or independent?

Should women in burkas have to change their clothing for citizenship, airport, or driver's license procedures? Or should America show a little respect?

Are "Burqas" Sexist? Or Do They Deserve Respect? 3 votes

They're sexist, so they don't deserve respect.
whar 1 vote
They're not sexist, and they deserve respect .
PlutarchMzKB 2 votes