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NFL 2K COMING back!?!



  • RawAce
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    too good to be true, i knew it


    While the NFL/EA may have expired, EA has two other agreements in their back pocket that will make future Madden games most likely according to Samit Sarkar of Polygon. "The publisher (EA) pays the NFL for everything related to the league's branding and its 32 teams, and has a separate deal with the NFL Players Association under which the names and likenesses of real NFL players appear in Madden." Operation Sports owner Steve Noah on Twitter attempted to get EA COO Peter Moore to elaborate on the mystery deal that EA has with the NFL which went absolutely nowhere.

    For those people who were looking forward to NFL 2K15 coming this fall, well I'm sorry for you guys but it probably will not be happening. "[We] are currently in planning on the next Madden property right now, and we expect to make a number of Madden games in the future," said Wilson. We could only dream right?

  • BlackxChild
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    Notice how ea hasn't come out and said its exclusive and is dodging the question
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    The funny thing is EA had this deal before December and they won't release any info on the deal and they just dealt with a lawsuit for having a exclusive license and lost. I'd be surprised if the deal is exclusive.
  • BlackxChild
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    Read the twitter responses from Peter Moore EA seems to be dodging the whole exclusive question with the madden deal. https://mobile.twitter.com/Steve_OS/status/428316422050426881
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    if it happens it happens i haven't brought a football game since nfl2k5 so we will see
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    NFL 2K franchise was great.. glad they are back. I don't think any pro league (nba, nfl, mlb, etc) should ever be exclusive to one game developer. They thought making the NFL brand exclusive would somehow make the product less saturated and improve quality... 🤬 backfired and became exactly what they didn't want. That was dumb of the NFL to agree to.. watered down their brand while providing no comp to push the envelope on creativity.
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    I think if the license was opened up to other competitors the closest we'd see a game from 2K is probably next year. I wouldn't want them to rush and try to drop a game this year. Their NBA 2k series is great and some of the best detailed sports games you could play. I'm an offline play person only but I see the biggest concern with 2k is their servers.
    After one season of playing a franchise in Madden, I think I've seen every animation and heard every piece of commentary there is to offer. That's when it gets repetitive.
    It does seem odd that EA isn't boasting about the exclusive license like they've done in the past. With the license its not just the NFL that they have the deal with its the NFLPA also. Over the years Madden sales have declined because gamers are getting tired of the same ol same ol. That's why they put the money up for that exclusivity. They figure no competition means we control the market and take snail steps in innovation.
    My problem with EA was how they included a new feature then just take it away instead of building on it. I for one liked the QB vision cone, The Tony Bruno Show, position battles, etc.