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Though 2013 proved to be a pretty damn big year for our good pal Jason Voorhees, seeing the release of the entire franchise on Blu-ray as well as the incredible retrospective documentary Crystal Lake Memories, one big question about the big guy’s future still remains; When the hell are we going to get a sequel to the 2009 remake?! It’s been four years since Jason has slashed up the big screen and if you’re asking me, that’s four years too long. Thankfully, we’re not going to have to wait much longer!

We’ve just learned today that Paramount has officially set a date for the sequel to the remake, which will be produced by Platinum Dunes. The plan is for Jason to return to the big screen on March 13th of 2015, which is of course a Friday. Not that this is a huge surprise, given we knew Paramount acquired the rights to the franchise from Warner Bros earlier this year, and had five years to bring a sequel to theaters, but it feels pretty damn good to finally have a date set in stone!


That said, we still know next to nothing about the impending sequel, in regards to the approach Paramount will be taking with it. Will it pick up directly where the 2009 remake left off or go in a totally different direction? Only time will tell. We have heard in the recent past that the studio is apparently quite interested in the idea of putting a found footage spin on the franchise, though nothing can be confirmed about that.

As far as Derek Mears goes, he’s expressed interest in returning, but that’s again all in the hands of the studio.