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Should rodney stucky start agian?

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He is doing great coming of the bench scoring the ball shooting 49% over Jennings 🤬 37% from the field Jennings constantly shoots his team out the game so should rodney start again since he stepped his game up?

Should rodney stucky start agian? 10 votes

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  • 9TRAY
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    Does it matter if Stuckey starts or is the 6th Man?

    That team is goin' nowhere fast
  • Ghostdenithegawd
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    9TRAY_93EB wrote: »
    Does it matter if Stuckey starts or is the 6th Man?

    That team is goin' nowhere fast

    I don't they have a bad team imo i just think a large part of there failure is jennings majority of his games are him taking

    17 shots for 17 points while there talented big man Greg Monroe has only 4 shots , they have more than enough talent on that team to perform better but how can that happen when you pg is sucking up all the shots
  • Ghost313
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    He does better as a 6th man. I'm praying that Joe can do that Rondo for Jennings Swap in December.
  • MaddRapper
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    I think doesnt matter which one is starting they both kind of play the same way both are chucksters but Stuckey is flourishing off the bench I think you keep him there b/c I remember Stuckey as a starting PG. He better as a spark off the bench. Piston not a bad squad Defensively that frontcourt is monsters I wish they played like that consistently.
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    i think that team has potential if monroe, smith and drummond figure out how to play together with good spacing, either that or they trade monroe for another shooter, but i like the lineup of jennings, pope, and the other 3, with stuckey for instant offense off the bench, he's doing well in that role so far, maybe billups replacing pope if he gets healthy and plays at a high level, 🤬 hard on jennings but he's had 12+ assists bout 3-4 times in the last 2 weeks, jumper might be broke, but he facilitating right now, stuckey avg like 2 assists
  • Vader_F_Kennedy
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    Idont see why billups just don't retire..he stay injured just call it a career and take a position wit the pistons helpin the younger guys
  • R.D.
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    No, Bynum should start before Stuck
  • A$AP_A$TON
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    If it was up to me it would be Jennings, Stuckey, Pope, Smith, Drummond. And we would just run and gun. Like an Eastern Conference version of the Clippers. If we tank this year and get Jabari Parker, I wouldn't be mad at that.
  • t_m_a_c_f_a_n73088
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    No, stuckey is perfect for the 6th man role and he can't run a squad(not that jennings can). Like I said before the season started y'all overrated this team because the way they looked on paper and having jennings and smith there will take away from the development of drummond and monroe who could really be a problem in the next couple years.
  • Beta
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    lol @ rodney stuckey getting a thread made about him in 2013.
  • its....JOHN B
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    How can Dumars be so stupid I can't understand it, this offseason was worse than the Gordon/Charlie V one and you would think he'd smarten up since then, he got some nice pieces in place and even made a nice deal landing Calderon and THAT should of been his number 1 priority is bringing him back Instead of using all that cap space on two stat stuffing team cancers, especially Jennings nobody was even showing interest in him and they went and gave him 3 years, I would of gave him 1 year worth 8 mil maybe a team option on the 2nd, not like he had any leverage nobody was even interested in paying him what he was looking for, then at least you could move his expiring if Rondo or somebody became available, it's just sad Dumars lost his damn patience that's how it looked to me, maybe his job was on the line and if they didn't make the playoffs he was done, no other reason for such stupid moves
  • marc123
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    Pistons have alotta talent on paper...

    Greg Munroe should be beasting. smh.