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Do You Think This Is A Decent Verse?

Antwuan89 Members Posts: 936 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Yo! Uhh! Yo Check It Out!

Look Inside, And You'll See
Man I Kicks The Mad Flow In Front Of The Whole Peeps
Im The New MC On The Block And I Won't Stop
Even If A 🤬 Hold A Glock At The Park Straight After Dark
See Im Blessed To The Hold The Mic
Kickin' Rhymes For The 🤬 & The 🤬 Aight
What You See Is What Really You Get
Getting Money Drinking Wine And All The Other 🤬
You Can See Me Making Records Chillin' With The 🤬 In The Hallway
Shooting Dice And 🤬 Mad Hot Chicks All 🤬 Day
See I Just Don't Give A Damn
Just Trying To Live And Survive The Life That I Know I Can
I Know Ya Feeling The Vibe Of The Rhythm
Stay In Your Position Your Decision Listen Your Clips Missing
Fake MC's Be Reaching Dumb Rappers Need Teaching
You Wack Im Leaving Probably Be Sleeping
I Continue Speaking The Truth About Real Issues As Long As Im Breathing
You Know The Deal I Keeps It Real
No Time To 🤬 But Still
Im Like Gang Starr I Got The Mass Appeal


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