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ladies, whats something a man can do to attract 🤬 ?



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    What works for one guy may not work for another but these four rules work for me quite often....I've been with doctors, accountants, hood rats, project 🤬 and have come close to being married several times, I think my advice can help....

    1) Be a little mysterious. Don't tell a chick your whole life story, you don't wana be an open book. Chicks like a sense of danger or mystery, at least in the beginning (first month or so)

    2) Don't be too obvious about 🤬 ....Some guys say being hyper sexual or "up front" works and sometimes it does but usually it doesn't. Unless you wana be rejected often OR end up with straight 🤬 who will 🤬 2 or 3 guys the same week she 🤬 you. Show you're interested yeah, but not desperate or needy

    3) Don't be afraid to give up some control. No need to be Mr. Talkative, unless you telling a funny or interesting story. Many times, in a group setting, I've ended up getting the chick and taking her home cuz I wasn't talking myself into trouble, or being so talkative that she ends up being annoyed or bored. Don't be afraid to let her take some control....the more she talks, the better and easier time you probably will have...also, don't text or call too much, unless she texts or calls you everyday (even then you should curb that a bit)

    4) PAY ATTENTION. To verbal and non-verbal clues. If she's the kind of woman who is constantly complaining about money problems, she's probably looking for a sugar daddy or someone who can help take care of her. If she's the quiet type, you gotta find something to make her laugh to open her up. If she's the talkative type (my favorite kind), then let her do most of the talking and be a good listener. You'll find a way in if she thinks you're at least barely attractive to her....

    If these rules don't work for you, you could just be an ugly ass 🤬 . I got more advice but that's only for those who got the four rules down.....

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    Jewpac wrote: »
    Earn money

    Underrated post....thirsty tricks usually turn off women, even broke ones and if you do get ass, they probably won't 🤬 with you for long.

    But few things turn a woman on more then a guy who can buy what he wants, when he wants.....shows he's a good provider and whether women wana admit it or not, a successful man with money in the bank to burn on a weekend (on her or weed, whatever) is a turn on. Anyone whose been married or lived with a woman knows what I'm talking about......polls show women have the strongest orgasms with men who are financially well off or have a guy who helps take care of them
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    we'll in Zelda majora's mask theres a fairy mask that you can wear that makes fairies in out of reach places fly towards you. maybe theres a hoe mask in real life that will make hoes flock to you.
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    we'll in Zelda majora's mask theres a fairy mask that you can wear that makes fairies in out of reach places fly towards you. maybe theres a hoe mask in real life that will make hoes flock to you.
    There is... well its not a mask, but rather a dance... the money dance
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    From my experience..not giving a 🤬 what these hoes want & like works. Be you to the upmost.
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    Just gotta learn what each individual womans vice is and if you are a talented reader of body language you will find out. Some just like you to listen to them vent, others want a guy who will take control and start kissin them with them having to tell you. Others may lose control and let their guard down via a few drinks while you make em laugh. Its not alway you have to physicallylook a certain way. Alotta times gettin a jawn outta the draws is just being at the right place wit the right female at the right time saying the right things. Thats how you play the game and go for it when you get that opportunity on some Drake 🤬 , dont get discouraged is the most important part of the game

    " Maybe she wont,...but then again Maybe she wiiilllll
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    Stop trying to 🤬 , 🤬 will think you're desperate but at the same time, get a lot of female friends of all shapes and sizes. Fat 🤬 can cook, skinny 🤬 swallow, ugly 🤬 give you money and while you got these mudducks on the side keep it cordial and be chill without being thirsty for the dime 🤬 and she'll fall in your hand.
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    I just pull out my phone n show these hoes my IC stats
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    1) Be different in your approach - Don't get me wrong , be yourself but go against the grain.No matter how hot she is, make out like you have not noticed -hot birds get stared ,whistled at and every warm blooded male trips up all over them. If all the dudes in the club approach her like "Godayuuum you is fiiiiiiine" and you do the same there is no separating you from them. I hit this bird up with " Can I have 100?..I figure all these guys are approaching you because you handing out money or something " I don't remember what her answer was but I remember I ended up in her hotel room and she was one of the worst 🤬 i've ever had in my life. The point is I got in there.

    2) Sense of humor - Most girls like a guy that can make them laugh. Humor keeps conversation spicy as well. Make them laugh and you pretty much have a chance of doing doing the deed with her.

    (3) Read and react to their body language - posture , 🤬 expression , eye movements..they can tell you more about her than her words can. If she crossing her arms while you talking she either not interested or has barriers up..throw in a few more jokes. If she tilts her head, she is bored..ask her if she wants to dance.Read and Follow these signs and you will most likely end up in the pink zone. (Just remember she will be reading your body language too.)

    (4) Appearance and personal hygiene - No brainer , first impression is important. Terrible fashion sense , bad breath and body odour are automatic turn offs..unless you are rich or famous (lil wayne *cough*cough)

    Oh and if you picking girls up in bars and clubs..then DANCE , girls equate your rythm/dancing to sex. I've picked up more girls on the dance floor than leaning by the bar all night.

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    🤬 are like job interviews, its up to you to get the job not her. either that or put a gun to her head without looking thirsty, it works for rappers I hear. idk.

    🤬 if you gotta go in like a job interview you already lost. never let a 🤬 know you applying to be her BF. you gotta make the 🤬 do the job huntin'.

    Its not as though the same concept wouldn't apply to a woman. It should be a mutual effort.

    I mean you really ARE attempting to sell yourself when you break it down.

    what type 🤬 you 🤬 with?
    you supposed to let her audition to be on YOUR team.
    🤬 a 🤬 look like trying to get accepted?

    We have the bait!
    Everything a women wants ,we have.
    Yall only have 1 thing we want, and its other hoes giving that 🤬 out like free samples...........

    🤬 trying to sell thereselves, lost.

    Look at all the women, (a lot of people would say most) who unexplicably pick 🤬 that you know they shouldn't.
    So what we look like selling ourselves to females that will look past all the 🤬 they "should" want, in favor of stupid 🤬 like swag, treating them like 🤬 , and all that other 🤬 lol.

    We wouldn't know what to sell lol.

    Read that 🤬 in a 🤬 voice. c/s

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    Wear a yarmulke