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Charlamagne 🤬 on Illuminati Conspiracy Theorists



  • blackamerica
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    I love it when 🤬 like Charlemagne or Sway talk of the Illuminati its always, "how can a drug dealer out of Marcy projects be apart of a secret society?" or "if there is an illuminati ain't no black ppl in it". They CLEARLY no of the illuminati because they know enough to know no black ppl can be in it, but yet play so ignorant when speaking on it. These 🤬 are getting paid to dumb the conversation down to where it becomes a joke and 🤬 . What they won't do is allow the topic to switch over to the REAL ppl thats running the world and signing they checks. (Rothchilds, Bilderberg's)

    So its okay to talk illuminati aslong as its centered around Jayz, Rihanna & Beyonce? Smh