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Did Lady Gaga drop the best pop single of the year?

P-Dogg77 Members Posts: 4,429 ✭✭✭
Even though her album might have flopped it's still pretty undeniable that she got the game on lock with "Do What U Want". It's so catchy and will most likely end up being the most-selling pop single this year. I also strongly believe that R.Kelly will win a Grammy for best supporting artist because his verse was straight up killing it.


That song is so good like 🤬 i can't even stop listening to it, everytime they play the song at the gym I get so pumped up and all the girls just look at me because they can't resist a guy who's in touch with his more feminine side while having huge intimidating low-insertion lats. Me and my 🤬 turned up to this song last Friday 🤬 was crazy yo.