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10 Hard Truths Black People Try to Avoid



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    I feel like many of your have good points, but are side stepping on this issue.

    You've got a force of nature that is creating more black millionaires than any other field in AmeriKKKa. The 🤬 isn't owned by us and it isn't controlled by us. All that is done by forces that don't give a 🤬 about us. Y'all really think, there isn't some kind of method to this madness? Some agenda?

    The face of it is no longer the Public Enemy's, the Talib Kweli's and Dee-1's of the game. It's a bunch of wannabe drug king pins and bleached 🤬 hoes that are at the fore front of it. And that audio and visual imagery is just as dangerous as every slave movie and every ratchet house hoe on reality tv. Even if YOU are the best parent in the world, there are still others... too damn many of us.... that don't have that luxury. Hip Hop is a heavy part of the black community, that is almost an inescapable fact. And it will be an even greater part of the lives of the less fortunate, those who need help the most.

    Too under estimate it's influence and the price 🤬 put on it, and themselves, will prove to be a very regretful oversight for us.
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    Darxwell wrote: »
    Violent crime has gone DOWN since hip-hop started: FACT. LOOK IT UP.

    If you think RAP is the cause of problems in the black community then you really have no problem with rap you're just an ignoramus 🤬 who thinks black people are SO stupid a rapper can influence the socioeconomic, cultural, and spiritual direction of an entire people in less than 40 years. REALLY?!

    Has nothing to do with poverty and racism? NAH...must be that Lil Wayne 🤬 it all up. Every since BLING BLING things just went crazy right LOL

    Bruh, as awful as it sounds the drop in violent crime has everything to do with the availability of legalized abortions and nothing at all to do with the beautiful and uplifting prose from gangsta rap.

    This has been well studied and documented not only in the US but in other countries where abortion was made legal and available. It's a good thing for women and society.




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