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Christian History Institute Resource

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I just wanted to pass along a resource to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Our faith is built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ and there have been countless souls who came before us which have built upon the foundation that Christ first laid. This resource was passed along to me at my seminary. One of my professors, Dr. James D. Smith, is a leading editor of this magazine. He helped launch it back off the ground when founding got low. But anyways there are numerous back issues which you can take a look at if your interested. Here is the link to the site and a couple of issues that I have found very intriguing.


Issue 100: The 400th year anniversary of the King James Bible


Issue 105: Christianity in Early Africa


Issue 79: African Apostles: Black Evangelists in Africa


Issue 43: How We Got Our Bible


There's so much more though. Please take a look by diving deeper into the rich heritage of our faith! May the LORD bless all those who have a seeking heart and a thirst for truth. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
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