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A letter to the woman who thinks I'm the side chick.

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WHOA.. I'm about sick of this 🤬 ..but let me clear this, Ive been proposed to by more than one man in my life time, so not at any point, will I just choose a man because he say he want to marry me.

I would like this young woman to please stop trolling me on the internet.. from instagram to twitter to allhiphop, or any other sites..

I was never anyones side piece, and the man this beef is about, I met 10 years prior to her. She's on instagram talking about how inlove he is with her, how it's not over and how I got in the way between them. She's flippin big time. I want her to know she's giving it away that he's not inlove with her, by blaming someone else especially "me" as being the reason they are having problems. I never was in between them. In fact I sat back and observed just to see if he really wanted her deeply inside like she says.

He was telling people good things about me when we were beefing hard not even verbally speaking. I've always been the one more hesitate than he was to take it to a full fledge level. but yes I did fall inlove, but the drama is something my physical body can not handle. So when 🤬 get dramatic, I back away. No he has never put his hand on me, or had me in a threesome.

*Disclaimer* no this man isnt nas, and I would like carmen bryan to know I never was his side piece nor am I thinking about being in a relationship with nas at any point. I never met him.

I'm so tired of these depressed women following me on the net from site to site, making me depressed. Even using my user name on lipstick alley with pics pretending to be me. It's very very sad.. I want them to know I'm not the reason their relationships didnt work out.

Now 🤬 on I.G. Flippin, trolling, sending me messages. I.G is where I have my peace of mind. This woman who thinks I'm the side piece, need to find out the real reason, her relationship didnt work out and stop blaming me.

I'm sick of this sad 🤬 .

Sincerly: A Real Woman in distress.~