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"Xbox Murder Trial Evidence Revealed" (old story, new info)

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With Martin Luther King's birthday just passed and Black History month approaching, it's worth noting the milestone achieved by assistant Caddo Parish District Attorney Geya Prudhomme. In 2013 she became the first African American woman in Caddo to serve as a lead prosecutor to try – and win -- a capital murder.

What became known as the Xbox murder trial would take almost three years just to bring the assailant, Marcus Reed, to trial. All that time Prudhomme was both haunted and spurred on by the horrific images of the carnage Reed created, but the images helped convict Reed, who last week was shipped off to Louisiana's Death Row at Angola. The courts have just released that evidence which has never been seen before by the public until now.

The evidence presented a trial included some crucial 911 calls from a neighbor who lived across the road from where 3 young men – one a boy of 13 -- were killed back in Aug. 16, 2010.


(911 operator)"Desoto parish 911 what is your emergency?" (neighbor)"murder" (911 operator) Sir? (Neighbor) "Murder. Four people murdered."

The shooting happened on a Monday night where the outside of a rural home in the four forks area of Caddo parish was turned into a war zone. Complete with a man shooting an AK-47 styled assault rifle and casualties lying in a shot-up car. The neighbor told 911 his son-in-law saw the man who did the shooting.


(Neighbor) His name is Marcus Reed..(911 operator) "Marcus Reed."

It wasn't four people murdered, there were three. Adding to the tragedy – all three had the same last name. A mother lost three sons in the time it took their killer to circle the car, riddling the car with his bullets from his automatic weapon.

Police photos show 18-year-old Jarquis Adams in the trunk, full of bullet holes with at least one to the head.

Twenty-year-old Jeremiah Adams, a Huntington High School graduate is lying partially outside of the driver seat on the ground. He had numerous wounds. But the victim who seems to get the brunt of gunfire is the younger brother. Thirteen-year-old Gene Adams was found in the back seat of the car full of bullet holes.

"He's just a little boy and that's exactly what he looked like in the back of that vehicle just a normal little boy in the back seat of his big brothers car. His wounds to the side of his face his neck area. His poor fingers were shot completely off," says Prudhomme.


Prudhomme says at first Reed told police that he knew nothing about the shooting implying he had nothing to do with it. However he changed his tune because in those 911 calls his own brother in law told that neighbor he saw Reed do it.

So Reed's story went from "I don't know" to self defense --- because he said somebody stole his Xbox. It came out in court that Reed was actually upset because somebody stole some drugs.

A full investigation by investigators found that the three young brothers had nothing to do with stealing anything from Reed. So you could say Jeremiah, Jarquis, and Gene Adams were brutally killed over nothing.

Reed was convicted on 3 counts of murder on Oct. 1, 2013. A few days later he was sentenced to death.

Last week Reed's attorneys requested a re-trial. The judge denied it. He is now what is called a dead man walking in Angola prison.