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Tutorial For Creating Album Covers

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This thread is dedicated to the Create A Label tournament thread created by @GovernmentCheese. This thread was made so that future players in the game (as well as aspiring rappers) could learn how to create dope covers for their labels.

Ok making covers isn't as difficult as you think - with some of these programs you can do some really dope stuff. Now I'm gonna hold off of the gif creating tutorial b/c I don't want everyone to drop 101 animation covers, too much makes the price go down.

Alright the first program I'll drop is Pixlr, this one MadSirius/Fy_HunnidMz showed me in the last tournament. It's helped me create a number of works early on either by adding touch ups or making covers entirely when I wasn't at my other laptop with Illustrator.

Pixlr comes in 3 modes: Pixlr-O-Matic , Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor.

Pixlr-O-Matic allows you to upload an image and just change the color hue and add another effect to it. It's nice to use in the beginning but very limiting.


Pixlr Express is a great tool for those who are are looking to do more advanced stuff. Everything uploaded is automatically converted to HD and it gives you the option to do things like adjust the focus of images, resize stuff, draw on them, smooth out, sharpen, blur, airbrush, liquify. It's a lot of stuff you can do. The effects part gives you the option to change the color effect of images making them more vibrant.


You can also play with the overlay which gives you the ability to change the texture of an image by simply choosing a texture. There are also borders you can incorporate into an image and template images but you wont need em LOLOL. You can also type on images too by selecting from a small sample of fonts.

Pixlr Editor is one of the best joints to hit the net, it's ultimately the online version of photoshop (just the key commands are different). You can upload images or artwork you have and chip away or add stuff to it. I rarely use it since I don't like photoshop very much - I prefer Adobe Illustrator I think it's much more expansive than photoshop IMO. For those starting Pixlr is a great tool to use. It automatically adjusts images you make making them appear HD, and much much more.


The real crown jewel of Pixlr Editor ? The Filter tab. There's sooo many dope ass designs you can create on there using it. So fiddle with it and see what comes up. Another cool perk with the Editor edition is the fonts you already have downloaded on your computer are uploaded into the program so you can do further changes. It's better if you use Pixlr Express to create your cover and then bring it to Editor to see what else you can add to it. The program also works in mobile and you can download to app straight to your computer or phone so it's handy.

The last part I'll add here is this website:


Dafont is a great source for fonts you can add into your covers. Any font your looking for they have it and they have it for free. And lastly, when you download a font and unzip it (if you use winzip), remember to click on the file that has the letter on it (it should be listed as ".tff" or something like that. Right-click and press install to install the font. You may have to restart the program you're using so it comes up.

At the end of the day, get creative with it, try different things, these 3 programs are more than enough to use to come up with excellent works of art and album covers. If you have Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and you also use those programs I listed in conjunction you can do some pretty potent stuff.


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    A small tip: when creating covers using pixlr find an image of the artist you like and then upload it to pixlr and edit away. A good half hour of editing, fiddling with the "filter" and "adjustment" tabs and you should be put together some great pieces.

    Try different brush strokes as well. On Illustrator you can create your own brushes, you can do the same on Pixlr Editor with fonts and images to add a flair to them. The more creative you are the better album covers you'll be able to piece together.
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