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Why Not Just Use the Men's Room?

Maximus Rex
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As hard I go on females, I think that it's 🤬 up that y'all don't have adequate bathroom facilities. I think as a courtesy to females, companies, restaurants, arenas, stadiums, etc, should provide y'all with either/or biggest bathrooms with more stalls.

With that being said, often times I would see a long line of women waiting to use the ladies room, while dudes run in and out of the Men's Room. My question is why don't y'all just use the men's room? Sure y'all might be subjected to an occasional act of exposure and 🤬 , but that beats having to wait hella long for the ladies room. I must say that a few summers ago I was in Central Park using the bathroom when I chick (not a 🤬 dude,) did just that. She waited for an available stall without incident.