What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Create Your Own Label Tournament Round Semifinals - Winner: New Money Ent. 3 - 0

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Labels will be evaluated on the following criteria: future sales, future critical acclaim, longevity, album covers/tracklist, and cohesion. The goal of the game is to make the best label possible, I auction artist and players bid on them.

Tournament matches will be best of 5, Judges must give reasons why they chose a individual's label.

@Sion : New Money ENT - (16M)
Birdman - 13M *CEO*
Drake 175M - *Owner of OVO Sound*
Nicki Minaj - 80M
Rihanna - 50M
Chase & Status - 10M
RZA - 16M
Method Man
Inspectah Deck
Cappadonna - 10M
U-🤬 - 10M
Quincy Jones - 10M
Alicia Keys - 10M

Sub Label - OVO Sound
Label Owner - Drake

The Weeknd - 12M
Noah 40 - 25M
Boi-1da - 21M
T-Minus - 30M
Mike Zombie - 10M

Birdman Presents Lil Wayne - Tha Carter EP
Intro ft. Birdman (Talks his 🤬 /Introduces the EP)
1. Build It Up ft. Lil Wayne 🤬 . Mannie Fresh
2. Cause They Breed Envy ft. Lil Wayne & Drake 🤬 . T-Minus
3. The Lady In Red ft. Nicki Minaj & Drake 🤬 . Boi-1da
Interlude ft. Birdman (Talks About Lil Wayne Growing up disses MPM)
4. #VegasLights ft. Lil Wayne 🤬 . Mannie Fresh
5. Everytime You See Us ft. Birdman, Mannie Fresh, T.I. 🤬 . Mannie Fresh & DJ Toomp
6. Chains of Malice ft. Lil Wayne 🤬 . Mannie Fresh & Noah 40
7. We Got This ft. Lil Wayne 🤬 . JUSTICE LEAGUE
Outro (Mannie Fresh talks his 🤬 )

Drake - Everything Came True
1. In T.O. ft. Drake & Alicia Keys 🤬 . Boi-1da
2. Do Right & 🤬 Everything (🤬 .Noah 40)
3. The Verve (🤬 . Noah 40)
4. The Wind (🤬 . Harry Fraud)
5. Against The Wall (🤬 . Boi-1da)
6. Her Song ft. Sade (🤬 . Noah 40 & Sade)
7. Done It (🤬 . T-Minus)
8. Show You ft. Rihanna (🤬 . Noah 40)
9. I Run It (🤬 . Mike Zombie)
10. Owl Eyes (🤬 . Noah 40)
11. Lovestruck (🤬 . Noah 40)
12. The Fascination ft. Jay-Z (🤬 . Noah 40)
13. Same Water Deep As You (🤬 . Noah 40 & Quincy Jones)
14. Gifted ft. J.Cole & The Weeknd (🤬 . Noah 40 & Tesfaye aka The Weeknd)
15. Details (🤬 . Boi-1da)
16. Wu Tang Forever Remix ft. The Wu Tang Clan* (🤬 . RZA & Noah 40)

Nicki Minaj - The Purple Label
1. H.B.I.C (Head 🤬 In Charge) 🤬 . T-Minus & Chase & Status
2. Styles 🤬 . Boi-1da
3. One Time 🤬 . Swizz Beats & T-Minus
4. Always With Me 🤬 . T-Minus
5. Caribbana ft. Rihanna 🤬 . T-Minus, Chase & Status
6. Better Never 🤬 . T-Minus
7. The Winner Is ft. Mariah Carey 🤬 . Swizz Beats
8. Fashion Week 🤬 . Swizz Beats
9. Diamond Cuts ft. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon 🤬 . RZA & Kanye West
10. Alienzx ft. Lady Gaga 🤬 . Kanye West & The Neptunes (Pharrell & Chad Hugo)
11. Make the World Go Round 🤬 . Chase & Status
12. Stop ft. Eminem 🤬 . T-Minus
13. Cashmere Sheets ft. Drake 🤬 . Noah 40 & Boi-1da
14. Wonder Woman 🤬 . Chase & Status
15. 🤬 Bill 🤬 . RZA

The Weeknd - SEXXOXO

1. She Yearns 🤬 . The Weeknd
2. The Midnight Express ft. Drake 🤬 . Harry Fraud & The Weeknd
3. Sex x Candy 🤬 . The Weeknd
4. XO 🤬 . The Weeknd
5. Black Heels ft. Frank Ocean 🤬 . Quincy Jones
6. Vegas Nights 🤬 . Sade Adu
7. The Wicked 🤬 . The Weeknd & Quincy Jones
8. #TheLife 🤬 . The Weeknd & Quincy Jones
9. Return 🤬 . Quincy Jones

Rihanna - Bad

(PSA Intro)
1. Storms 🤬 . Chase & Status
2. PlusxMinus 🤬 . Pharrell
3. Rosemary's Baby 🤬 . T-Minus
4. Shades 🤬 . StarGate , Chase & Status
5. Sex Nights 🤬 . Chase & Status
6. The Queen 🤬 . The Dream
7. 96 ft. Drake 🤬 . Noah 40 & T-Minus
8. 🤬 ft. Lady Gaga 🤬 . Chase & Status , Pharrell
9. Rhythm Message/Takeover 🤬 . Pharrell & Chad Hugo (The Neptunes)
10. Queen of Hearts 🤬 . The Dream
11. Killing You 🤬 . The Neptunes
12. Sidelines 🤬 . Chase & Status
13. Morning Star 🤬 . The Weeknd
14. 69 ft. Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azelia 🤬 . Pharrell
15. Nightfall ft. The Weeknd 🤬 . Noah 40
16. BAD 🤬 . Quincy Jones
*Bonus* Dear Lover 🤬 . Quincy Jones

Alicia Keys & Quincy Jones - Sound of Love
Disc 1
1. Mychal ft. Quincy Jones 🤬 . Babyface Edmonds
2. Basement Love 🤬 . Quincy Jones
3. If You Know One 🤬 . Babyface Edmonds
4. Grow 🤬 . Babyface Edmonds
5. Phoenix Rising ft. Lauryn Hill 🤬 . Erykah Badu & Babyface Edmonds
6. Gone Away 🤬 . Quincy Jones
7. A Song For Rosa ft. Quincy Jones 🤬 . Quincy Jones
8. Sand Rock 🤬 . Quincy Jones
9. This Time ft. Erykah Badu 🤬 . Erykah Badu

Disc 2
10. Vain 🤬 . Quincy Jones
11. Sunlight ft. Jay-Z 🤬 . Kanye West
12. Bombaye ft. Quincy Jones 🤬 . Quincy Jones
13. Black History 🤬 . Quincy Jones
14. Bonita Ayaho ft. Quincy Jones 🤬 . Quincy Jones & Babyface Edmonds
15. Do You Remember (The Rain) 🤬 . Quincy Jones & Babyface Edmonds
16. Hells Kitchen 🤬 . Babyface Edmonds
17. Where Is The Love 🤬 . Babyface Edmonds

1. Pride 🤬 . Sade
2. Black Rose Petal 🤬 . Sade
3. Sensual Liar 🤬 . Sade
4. Late Sunday 🤬 . Sade
5. Since It Hurts So Much 🤬 . Sade & Quincy Jones
6. The Alleyway Cat 🤬 . Quincy Jones
7. Hold Your Peace 🤬 . Sade
8. Midnight Train 🤬 . Sade
9. My Children 🤬 . Sade
10. The Groove 🤬 . Quincy Jones

OVO Presents LovePride (SadexDrake)
1. The Pride ft. The Weeknd & Drake 🤬 . Noah 40
2. Smooth ft. Drake 🤬 . T-Minus
3. High On Love ft. The Weeknd 🤬 . Noah 40
4. Your Love Is King Noah 40 Mix (Sade talks the meaning of passion & music)
5. Price of Fame ft. Sade & Drake (FHF Diss) 🤬 . Noah 40
6. Where It's Strong ft. Sade & The Weeknd 🤬 . Noah 40 & Quincy Jones
7. I Never Thought ft. Sade & The Weeknd 🤬 . Noah 40
8. Define You ft. Drake & Sade 🤬 . Noah 40 & Sade Adu
9. Woulda Came Back ft. Sade

Drake & J.Cole - Sooner Or Later
1. Symphony of Kings (🤬 . Bink!)
2. Sins of the Father (🤬 . T-Minus)
3. Maybe (Ft. Jhene Aiko) (🤬 . by Noah 40)
4. Heat (🤬 . Mannie Fresh)
5. Dreams of Greatness (🤬 . Noah 40)
6. The Runner (🤬 . Bink!)
7. Lapdance (🤬 . by The Dream & Noah 40)
8. Little Bit ft. Rihanna (🤬 . by 40 & Chad Hugo)
9. Can I Get A…. (🤬 . by T-Minus & Mannie Fresh)
10. October 24th (Drake solo) (🤬 . by Boi-1da)
11. Tape You (🤬 . by 40 & J Cole)
12. Let It Go ft. The Weeknd (🤬 . Noah 40)



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    Wu Tang Clan - The Golden Seal (Executive Produced by RZA)
    ACT 1 (disc 1)
    1. Return of the Seal ft. RZA, Method Man
    2. Worldwide Syndicate ft. RZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck
    3. Valley of Kings ft. Rakim, U-🤬 , Raekwon, Method Man, Nas
    4. Wu-economics ft. RZA , Raekwon
    5. G.H.O.S.T ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon
    6. Diagrams of Science ft. GZA, RZA, Method Man
    7. Reminiscing ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon , Cappadonna
    8. Check Yourself ft. RZA, Inspectah Deck
    9. Old 🤬 Style (None Can Do It Betta) ft. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Method Man
    10. Nimrod ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna
    11. Drunken Boxer U-🤬 , Method Man, RZA
    12. Witty Unpredictable ft. GZA, Method Man
    13. Cypher ft. all members

    ACT 2 (disc 2)
    14. The Architects ft Rakim & Method Man (RZA Narration & Speech)
    15. VOLTRON ft. Method Man, U-🤬 , Ghostface Killah
    16. One Day At A Time ft. Cappadonna & Inspectah Deck
    17. Your Only ft. Inspectah Deck
    18. Food of the Gods (Know The Ledge) ft. Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, GZA
    19. Methodical ft. Method Man , GZA
    20. Golden Sphinx ft. U-🤬 , Method Man , Inspectah Deck
    21. Mathematician ft. GZA
    22. Grand Closing ft. Raekwon & RZA

    Raekwon - Fly International Luxurious Art
    1. Legend of the Butcher 🤬 . RZA
    2. The New Wu Order ft. Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck 🤬 . RZA
    3. Lost Weight ft. Pusha T 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    4. Suspicions ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    5. Mo Homicide ft. Nas & AZ 🤬 . DJ Premier
    6. Sharp Blades 🤬 . RZA
    7. The Quiet ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . Bink!
    8. Something Is Coming 🤬 . RZA
    9. War of Roses 🤬 . RZA
    10. Betrayal ft. Lupe Fiasco 🤬 . No I.D.
    11. Gun-Fu ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . RZA
    12. Crazy 8s ft. Ghostface Killah Jay-Z 🤬 . RZA
    13. The Plug ft. Jay Electronica & Killer Mike 🤬 . Alchemist
    14. Politricks 🤬 . RZA
    15. Automatic Weapons 🤬 . Digi+Phonics
    16. 🤬 Trunks ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . RZA & Dr.Dre
    17. The Coco Bonga/Naple Grove ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    18. Respect The Ring ft. GZA, Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna 🤬 . RZA
    19. War Grounds ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . Pete Rock
    20. The Renaissance ft. Alicia Keys 🤬 . RZA
    21. Devil In The Detail ft. Ghostface Killah 🤬 . RZA
    22. The New Jack (Interception Deception) ft. SchoolBoy Q & Pusha T 🤬 . Digi+Phonics
    23. Outro/The Credits 🤬 . RZA

    Ghostface Killah - Child's Play
    Intro ft. RZA 🤬 . RZA
    1. Ghost's Revenge 🤬 . RZA
    2. Across 100 Street 🤬 . RZA & Alchemist
    3. Swim with Fishes 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    4. The Ghost/OUTLAWZ ft. Cappadonna 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    5. The Daybreak (Parts 1 & 2) ft. Raekwon 🤬 . RZA
    6. Eleanor Rigby ft. Erykah Badu 🤬 . Pete Rock
    7. Eat With Wolves 🤬 . Boi-1da & RZA
    8. My Disorder ft. Nicki Minaj 🤬 . RZA
    9. Mark IV ft. Method Man, Raekwon, Cappadonna 🤬 . RZA
    10. Golden Eagle ft. Raekwon 🤬 . RZA & Harry Fraud
    11. A.B.E.L.L.A. 🤬 . RZA
    12. For Your Eyes Only ft. Alicia Keys, Raekwon, Cappadonna 🤬 . RZA
    13. The Transport 🤬 . Noah 40
    14. Sonny Carson ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna 🤬 . RZA
    15. Alchemy ft. GZA 🤬 . Alchemist
    16. Metal Mouth 🤬 . Harry Fraud
    17. Friday The 13th 🤬 . RZA
    Outro ft. RZA 🤬 . RZA

    GZA - Shaolin Assassin

    1. The Universal Mind ft. RZA 🤬 . RZA
    2. Know The Ledge 🤬 . RZA
    3. Lightning Blades ft. Raekwon, Cappadonna, Method Man 🤬 . RZA
    4. Flow Like Water ft. Kendrick Lamar 🤬 . Alchemist
    5. Chess King 🤬 . Alchemist
    6. Shogun Assassin ft. Method Man , Inspectah Deck 🤬 . RZA & Alchemist
    7. Rooks or Bishops 🤬 . RZA
    8. Philosopher Kings ft. Jay Electronica 🤬 . Large Professor
    9. Destruction of the Microphone ft. Jay Electronica 🤬 . No I.D
    10. Spacial Rift 🤬 . No I.D.
    11. King's Gambit 🤬 . Alchemist
    12. Wu Fury ft. Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & U-🤬 🤬 . RZA
    13. GENIUS 🤬 . GZA
    14. The Understanding 🤬 . RZA

    Method Man Exhibit A: The Beautiful

    1. The Omen 🤬 . RZA
    2. Bring It (Tical's Warcry) 🤬 . RZA
    3. Shadowmen ft. AZ 🤬 . No I.D.
    4. Ten Tigers 🤬 . RZA & Kanye West
    5. Assassination 94 ft. Eminem 🤬 . RZA
    6. Johnny's Ballad 🤬 . Just Blaze
    7. The Rolling Stones ft. Chance The Rapper, Curren$y, Joey BadA$$, Ab-Soul 🤬 . Digi+Phonics
    8. xYoungXBoxerx 🤬 . Digi+Phonics
    9. All Mine ft. Alicia Keys 🤬 . RZA
    10. Days Like This 🤬 . DJ Premier
    11. Flaming Arms ft. Inspectah Deck & Ghostface Killah 🤬 . RZA & Digi+Phonics
    12. The Beautiful 🤬 . Digi+Phonics
    13. Breakin Bad/American Dreams ft. RZA & Raekwon 🤬 . RZA


    @Da Riddler: Motion Picture Muzik – 25M
    Andre 3000 - 85M
    Lil Wayne - 101M (Owner of The Commission)
    Beyonce - 80M
    Miguel - 26M
    Joe Budden - 11M
    Young Chop
    Rico Love
    Clams Casino 10M
    Stargate 10M
    J Cardim 10M

    Sub Label - The commission
    Label Owner - Lil Wayne (distributed by Motion Picture Muzik)

    Rick Ross - 40M
    A$AP Rocky - 23M
    Styles p 10M
    Meek Mill - 5M

    Artist: Andre 3000 / Kanye West
    Album Title: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    1.The Invasion (Produced By Kanye West/ Andre 3000)
    2.War Going On Outside (Produced By Kanye West / Andre 3000)
    3.Buffet For Thought (Produced By Kanye West/ Andre 3000)
    4.Predator Or Prey (Produced By Kanye West)
    5.Supernova (Ft. Beyonce )(Produced By Kanye West/ Andre 3000)
    6.Reading Your Lips (Produced By Kanye West /Andre 3000)
    7.Boomerang (Produced By Kanye West /Andre3000)
    8.Powers That Be (Ft. Nas) (Produced By Kanye West)
    9.Coffy (Produced By Kanye West)
    10.Black Star Power (Produced By Kanye West/ Andre 3000)

    Artist: Beyonce
    Album Title: Around The Way Girl

    1.Around The Way Girl (Produced By Timbaland)
    2.Feelin Myself (Produced By Rico Love)
    3.Ladies Night (Produced By Rico Love/Stargate)
    4.Seduction (Produced By Rico Love/Beyonce)
    5.Throwin Shade (Ft. Andre 3000) (Produdced By Bangladesh/Beyonce)
    6.Queen B (Produced By Timbaland)
    7.Chopped N Screwed (Ft. Asap Rocky) (Produced By HitBoy)
    8.Take My Time (Produced By Rico Love/Beyonce)
    9.Love How You Love Me (Produced By Stargate)
    10.Ill Ride For You (Produced By Rico Love /Beyonce)
    11.Key To My Heart (Produced By Stargate)
    12.Never Say Never (Produced By Stargate)

    Artist: Joe Budden
    Album Title: The Hangover

    1.Therapy Session (Produced By J Cardin)
    2.Memories Of The Future (Produced By J Cardin)
    3.No Love In Hip Hop (Produced By J Cardin)
    4.Ex-It (Ft. Rico Love) (Produced By Rico Love)
    5.Man In the Mirror (Produced By J Cardin)
    6.Freaky Thots (Ft. Asap Rocky)(Produced By Hitboy)
    7.Allnight (Ft Miguel) (Produced By Rico Love/ Miguel)
    8.One Day At A Time (Produced By J Cardin)
    9.Karma (Ft. Andre 3000) (Produced By Hitboy/ Andre 3000)
    10.Mic Jack (Produced By Bangladesh)
    11.Lost Souls (Ft. Eminem & Jay Electronica) (Produced By J Cardin)
    12.Back 2 The Bars (Produced By Hitboy)
    13.The Hangover (Produced By J Cardin)
    14.Blessed (Produced By J Cardin)

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    Artist: Rick Ross
    Album Title: El Padrino

    1. Intro
    2. El Padrino (Produced By Justice League)
    3.Heavy In The Game (Produced By Young Chop)
    4.Telekinesis (Produced By Hitboy)
    5.The Lord Is My Witness (Ft. Andre 3000) (Produced By Hitboy/Andre3000)
    6.Haitian Connect (Produced By Young Chop)
    7.Cassius Clay (Produced By Just Blaze)
    8.Bumpin Ol Skool (Ft. Asap Rocky) (Produced By Clams Casino)
    9. Who's The Bawse (Produced By Bangladesh)
    10.Hold Me Down (Ft. Beyonce)(Produced By Hitboy)
    11.Drown In It (Ft. Miguel)( Produced By Hitboy/Miguel)
    12.Illumination (Produced By Young Chop)
    13. Get In Line (Produced By Bangladesh)
    14.Yall Aint Ready For War (Ft. Lil Wayne ,Meek Mill, Styles P) (Produced By Young Chop)

    Artist: Lil Wayne
    Album Title: Hollygrove

    1.Back At The Carter (Produced By Mannie Fresh)
    2.Duh Duh Duh Man (Produced By Mannie Fresh)
    3.The Commission (Ft. Rick Ross, Asap Rocky, Meek Mill, Styles P, Joe Budden, Andre 3000)(Produced By Young Chop)
    4.Married 2 The Game (Produced By Mannie Fresh)
    5.Rock A Bye Baby (Produced By Bangladesh)
    6.One Night Stand (Ft.Miguel ,Nicki Minaj) (Produced By Rico Love/ Hit Boy)
    7.Living For The City (Produced By Mannie Fresh)
    8.I Got It (Produced By Hit Boy)
    9.Sip Slow(Live Fast) (Ft. Asap Rocky, Drake) (Hitboy/ Clams Casino)
    10.Cancel That 🤬 (Produced By Bangladesh)
    11.For The Love of The Money(Produced By Bangladesh)
    12.Killa B's (Ft. Rick Ross ,The Game) (Produced By Young Chop)
    13. Above The Law (Produced By Mannie Fresh)

    Artist:Styles P
    Album Title: Story of The Ghost

    1.Still The Realest Out (Produced By Hitboy)
    2.Take A Ride With Me (Produced By Clams Casino)
    3.Your Worst Nightmare (Bangladesh)
    4.Quiji Board (Ft. Ghostface) (Produced By Rza)
    5.Son Of Sam (Produced By Clams Casino)
    6.Holy Ghost (Produced By Bangladesh)
    7.Jack Move (Produced By Hitboy)
    8.Mickey N Mallory (Produced By Hitboy)
    9.Hot Box (Ft. Asap Rocky) (Produced By Clams Casino)
    10.Bully Rap (Ft. Meek Mill) (Produced By Bangladesh)
    11.Paranormal (Produced By Clams Casino)
    12.Back 2 The Block (Ft Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) (Produced By Young Chop)
    13.Life Is Mystery (Produced By J Cardin)
    14.The Last Chapter (Produced By J Cardin)

    Artist: Asap Rocky
    Album Title: Fried Day

    1.Wake & Bake (Produced By Clams Casino)
    2.Hood By Air (Produced By Hitboy/Lord Flacko)
    3.Lets Ride (Produced By Clams Casino/ Lord Flacko)
    4.Get Throwed (Ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) (Produced By Hitboy)
    5. Harlem World (Produced By Clams Casino/Rico Love)
    6.Debo (Produced By Hitboy)
    7.ComDefuckdown (Produced By Bangladesh)
    8.Do You Like(Drugs) (Ft.Miguel) (Produced By Lord Flacko/Miguel)
    9. Smokey (Produced By Clams Casino)
    10.Showtime (Produced Clams Casinio /Rico Love)
    11.Tonite (Ft. Rico Love) (Produced By Rico Love)
    12.Still Trilla (Produced By Clams Casino/Bangladesh)
    13.Bad Karma (Produced By Clams Casino)
    14.Back 2 The Future (Ft Andre 3000) (Produced By Andre 3000/Lord Flacko)

    Artist: Miguel
    Album Title: Love

    1.Love Jones (Produced By Miguel)
    2.Are You Ready (Produced By Miguel)
    3.Promise Me(Produced By Miguel /Rico Love)
    4.Dinner Time (Ft. Lil Wayne) (Produced By Miguel /Rico Love)
    5.Trios (Produced By Miguel)
    6.No Matter What (Produced By Miguel/Stargate)
    7.The Storm (Produced By Miguel)
    8.She Say (Ft.Rick Ross) (Produced By Miguel/ Rico Love)
    9.Nobody Has To Know (Produced By Miguel)
    10.Bite The Pillow (Produced By Rico Love)
    11.My Addiction (Ft.Beyonce) (Produced By Miguel/Stargate)
    12.Rewind (Produced By Miguel)

    Artist: Andre 3000
    Album Title: 3000 A.D

    1.Another Black Experience (Produced By Andre 3000)
    2..Driv- In Movie (Produced By Andre 3000)
    3.Take Off (Produced by Andre 3000/ Stargate)
    4.Young Pharrohs (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) (Produced by Andre 3000/ Hit-Boy)
    5.Opposites Attract (Produced by Andre 3000)
    6.Idolies (Produced By Andre 3000)
    7.Butterfly Effect (Ft. Erykah Badu) (Produced by Andre 3000/ Erykah Badu)
    8.Nappy Dugout (Produced by Andre 3000)
    9.The Fortune Teller (Produced by Andre 3000)
    10. New World Order Ft. Big Boi (Produced by Andre 3000/Big Boi)
    11.3000 A.D (Produced By Andre 3000)
    12.The Mothership (Ft. Lauryn Hill) (Produced by Andre 3000/ Lauryn Hill)
    13.Psychedelia (Produced by Andre 3000)
    14. NeverLetterGo Ft. Prince (Produced By Andre 3000/ Prince/ Stargate)
    15. Mama's Baby Boy (Produced By Andre 3000)

    Artist : Lil Wayne/ Rick Ross
    Album Title: 🤬 Mary

    1. Loyalty (Produced By Young Chop)
    2. King of Diamonds (Produced By Hit Boy)
    3. 🤬 Mary (Produced By Hit Boy)
    4. Roll Up(Ft. Asap Rocky) (Produced By Clams Casino)
    5. Madusa (Produced By Young Chop)
    6. Ski Mask (Ft. Meek Mill) (Produced By Young Chop)
    7. Safe Haven (Produced By Hit Boy/Rico Love)
    8. Cursed (Ft. Styles P) (Produced By Clams Casino)
    9. Root of All Evil (Produced By Young Chop)
    10.Certified (Produced By Bangladesh)
    11.Suwoo (Produced By Young Chop)

    Artist : Asap Rocky/ ScHoolboy Q
    Album Title: Asap Hippys EP

    1.The Party Crashers (Produced By Hitboy)
    2.Uptown 2 South Central (Produced By Bangladesh)
    3.Marked Out (Ft. Rick Ross) (Produced By Young Chop)
    4.Drop A 4 In It (Ft Lil Wayne) (Produced By Clams Casino)
    5.Space Jam (Produced By Clams Casino)

    Artist: Rico Love
    Album Title: Heartless

    *Entire Album Produced By Rico Love*
    1. 2Am
    2. X Rated
    3. Addicted (Ft. Miguel)
    4. Slow Motion (Ft. Asap Rocky)
    5. Creepin
    6. In Too Deep
    7. Heartless
    8. Black Book (Ft Joe Budden)
    9. Less Is More

    Artist : Beyonce & Lady Gaga
    Album Title: Diva

    1.Monster's Ball (Produced By Hiboy/Lady Gaga)
    2.FashionKiller(Produced By Mike WIll Made/Beyonce/Lady Gaga)
    3.Im No Angel (Produced By Lady Gaga/Rick Rubin)
    4.Cover Girl (Produced By Beyonce/Rico Love)
    5.The Burlesque Show/Act II (Produced By Daft Punk/Lady Gaga)
    6.Striptease (Produced By Mike Will Made It / Beyonce)
    7.Like Its The Last (Produced By Daft Punk/Lady Gaga)
    8.Let Em Talk (Produced By Rico Love/Rick Rubin)

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    I've had one to many Scotchs. Will have to conjure up a vote tomorrow evening.
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    I've had one to many Scotchs. Will have to conjure up a vote tomorrow evening.

  • IceBergTaylor
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    I've had one to many Scotchs. Will have to conjure up a vote tomorrow evening.


  • Sion
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    Dayum I just seen this, didn't get the chance to get my newer stuff to Cheese in time but it's cool. Judges take yall time wit it, no stress on yall.
  • _Menace_
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    These judges just don't care no mo
  • GovernmentCheese
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    edited February 2014
    _Menace_ wrote: »
    These judges just don't care no mo
    @_Menace_‌ Come on fam, stop instigating. No disrespect but you're not even in the game anymore so it shouldn't even matter to you. Only people that should be worried are @sion and @dariddler because it's their match. They care way more than the rest of the posters that be in the reason.
  • Michael_Malice
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    It's not fair to the participants to rush a vote. Calm down. Judges take your time and drop a good vote.
  • IceBergTaylor
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    Menace stay gettin sonned into oblivion
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    bout to check dis out and vote
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    future sales i give this one to MPM, sion has some heavy hitters and some collab albums i would see as highly anticipated but, MPM has the slight edge, i think they hit a little more heavier especially with the beyonce/gaga collab, 3k solo and 3k and kanye collab

    winner: MPM

    future critical acclaim once again in this match up i see strong critical acclaim potential on both sides, if i had to choose a possible weak link on both sides it maybe the birdman/wayne collab and the asap/sbq collab, but that doesnt mean that they are bad albums


    longevity: both sides seem to have veterans, and those whove been around just a few years or less, i think there is a good mix of those on MPM's roster, those like beyonce or wayne who have been around a while who can provide anthems that may carry them a few years longer and 3k who may not have much longer as an artist but his work with the label can have him remember for a long time to come, in fact that same thing may be able to be said for new money when it comes to the releases from the wu-tang clan, well at least within their fanbase they are sure to provide music to ride to for a while, but i think the deal breaker comes with new money's albums from drake, the weeknd, drake/j. cole, and possibly even drake/sade. i think a drake/cole collab solves the problem with some fans and gives them music that is very replayable, and i think those 4 albums give new money ent the edge here

    winner: New Money ENT

    album covers/tracklist album covers sion wins that no contest, mpm had some good ones, but he had some sub par ones as well, the change of the ross and wayne albums helped but the styles p change definitely hurt and the wayne/ross one should have been kept in the vault when facing someone like new money ent, as i said b4 for new money the tracklists fit his artists very well, and MPM is no different, i think i noticed some new albums from his last round and they dont hurt him at all. tracklist would be a tie but with album covers being dominated by sion ill say

    winner: New Money ENT

    cohesion.once again another tough category, i already know new money's cohesion is top notch from what seen in the previous round, looking at MPM's cohesion it seems to be very top notch as well. both teams did a great job picking and using producers and features that seem to mesh well with the artist's albums, it makes


    Overall Winner: New Money ENT
  • _Goldie_
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    So the deal breaker was the drake, weeknd, drake/cole, and drake /sade albums over kanye /3k ,3k, lil wayne/rick ross , beyonce/gaga etc ? lol ok
  • GovernmentCheese
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    Thanks for the vote @Peezy_Jenkins‌

    @Sion is up with a 1 - 0 lead....best of 5!
  • IceBergTaylor
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  • _Goldie_
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    I aint mad lol, just callin the bs out. I did the same thing when menace tried to pull that 🤬 on ibex. If you wanna vote for the other sqaud then cool , but dont 🤬 me.
  • Michael_Malice
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    Looking like a late night at work for me fellas. I'll see what time I get home.
  • IceBergTaylor
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    Da Riddler wrote: »
    I aint mad lol, just callin the bs out. I did the same thing when menace tried to pull that 🤬 on ibex. If you wanna vote for the other sqaud then cool , but dont 🤬 me.

    How is it BS? Peezy has never screwed anyone over and neither has any of the other regularly participating judges. Stop crying.
  • _Goldie_
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    By sayin 3 drake albums is the deal breaker over artist who sale more and who have more critical acclaim, and to say the weeknd is a deal breaker and disregard miguel who sales more and has more critical acclaim.
  • IceBergTaylor
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    edited February 2014
    No 🤬
    You've been giving your own definition of critically acclaimed
    The Weeknd is more acclaimed than Miguel
    Oh and he has a platinum album too. Miguel doesnt have that or a gold album.

    As stated before you think this 🤬 is a popularity contest. You think you're "supposed to win" cause you have Wayne, Beyonce, Ross, 3K..... Thats not how this 🤬 works. And stop getting at the judges.
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    Da Riddler wrote: »
    So the deal breaker was the drake, weeknd, drake/cole, and drake /sade albums over kanye /3k ,3k, lil wayne/rick ross , beyonce/gaga etc ? lol ok

    lol its only the deal breaker for longevity man, not the whole thing, i can see kanye/3k and 3k lasting a while, lil wayne/rick ross(and i support both all the time on here) and beyonce/gaga i just dont see lasting as long
  • _Goldie_
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    lmaoooooooooo @ platinum, he hasnt even reached 300k on any album, wtf is u talkin bout??

    Again, do your research before you try to talk 🤬 about something you obviously know nothin about.

    Miguel is a grammy award winning artist, weeknd has never won 🤬 lol