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Why are these females playin with my emotions

yungflashy Members Posts: 937 ✭✭✭✭
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So its 2 instances (I'm gonna be pretty detailed)

The First one: my ex likes one of my pics on FB, havent really talked to her since we broke up about 3 years ago and I still got feeling for my her so I'm like let's see what she on. I message her "how u been" blah blah blah we're going back and forth than all of a sudden she stops writing back

2nd one: this chick I been messing with off and on for the past 2 years I hit her up cuz I miss that 🤬 we're going back and forth she's being difficult cuz she says all i want to do is 🤬 (that's what we agree upon in the first place) she says I can atleast just hang out no fuckig sometimes I'm like okay whatever I'll play along. (She's actually a cool ass chick and is wifey material but i'm not trying to commit right Now) So blah blah blah we're texting and going back and forth and she stops texting me abruptly as well. I'm like wtf, I wrote them both back one time on some "so wassup" type of 🤬 I'm not a lame 🤬 to keep writing someone back that's not responding

So both of these broads got me going crazy as to why they just stopped writing back

Ladies do y'all have any insight on this weird female behavior



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