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Top 5 Players in the NBA

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With playoffs in a few months, and teams taking rest days, it's that time of the year again.

I know 🤬 gonna have LeBron and Durant and 🤬 but I wanna see who else on your list.


Taking into consideration skills, winning, stats, etc.


  • af.r.i.c.a.
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    and the award for most original thread goes to...
    any thread but this one
  • NothingButTheTruth
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    1. Kevin Durant- Anyone who says different is EXTREMELY biased. It's not close.

    2a. Melo- 7-game win streak, best scorer in the game.
    2b. LeBron- game is still sloppy, good stats, team is doing well.
    4. Chris Paul- best PG in league, team is doing well.

    5. Everyone else.
  • greenwood1921
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    1a. Raymone
    1b. Wayne
    2. Kyam
    3. Emmanuel
    4. Stephen

    Honorable mention: Long Beach Brodie
  • bignorm
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    Chris Paul
  • blu197
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