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I'm probably late AF but YAAAAAS! Big breasted women rejoice!

I think I finally found a backless strapless bra that's worth buying!!!!!
If you have natural big boobs then you know the scruggle mane. Backless dresses/ shirts with large arm holes are in and if you're a natural C cup or better, those styles are off limits unless your boobs defy gravity. And lets be honest, big titties usually have some weight on them.

I've probably paid for a boob job with all of the strapless/backless bras I've bought and thrown away. I'm hoping this is an answer to my issues (until I get the courage to buy some gravity defying tittays)

The D-Up cups is the world’s first backless and strapless bra alternative for larger breasts (sizes C to GG cups).

The incredible patented Flexible Silicone Technology is the reason why the really can work for you.

The D-Up Cups is designed by Faveo and distributed by TaBare Couture (formerly Sense Solutions Products) for women with larger cup sizes to provide the comfort and freedom in a full-coverage, strapless and backless bra. The D-Up Cups are designed to lift, shape and hold you without straps but with maximum comfort.

The D-Up Cups are adjustable and reusable for your convenience. The D-Up Cups are not intended for low-cut tops, because it does require that the full bust is covered for maximum comfort and fit.



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