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Ineedpussy is in jail now

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I’ve been offline for a minute now
I’m so mind-boggled at the sh*t that went down at my job yesterday
My co-worker arrived at work on Tuesday morning at like 6:30am, to open the store and sh*t, and apparently a dude in a mask *&%^$#@Ein attacked her, like, he *&%^$#@Eed her up (theres blood literally all over the store from it, I even had to clean some up that the cleaning crew missed), then he tied her up and 🤬 her.

And like, from what it said on the news the cops aren’t even sure how dude got in. They said he could’ve come in through the roof access (that I didn’t even know we had), or he waited in the bathroom all night, or he kicked in the door (kuz our glass front door was *&%^$#@EED up like somebody had kicked it in or shot it then forced their way in. The news said more than likely dude came in at the end of the night the day before, and waited in the bathroom ALL night, then when the alarm was turned off the next day, he came out and did that bullsh*t to her. He was in the store with her for a few HOURS before he up and left her (while she was tied up btw) and she *&%^$#@Ein had to untie herself and dial 911 in order to get out

I *&%^$#@Ein…gotdamn
I’m so mad
It was all over the local news
And according to my boss, there was blood all over the place, like the 🤬 beat her the up and left her 🤬 .
I want justice.
I’ve been praying that she’s okay, she’s apparently home now and in recovery but she’s not talking to ANYBODY, which is understandable, but man
I want the who did it DEAD
I’ve got a peronal hit out for him
And to make matters worse
The police have told us that they’ve got the security tapes from the store and they will release his description as soon as possible
But the problem with that?
My boss never puts tape in the VCR for the security cameras
So because of him up
We might not ever get actual footage of what the mother looks like
We can only go off of my co-worker’s description of him
I’m beyond angry

but then i go through the notes(dont know why, i never do)

and see this

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Now its even scarier because he was making a post about it like it wasn’t him. Thats horrifying. Please everyone...

turns out he did it

Co-Worker Arrested in Attack of Sandwich Store Employee

A man is now in custody in connection with the attack and sexual assault of a sandwich shop employee earlier this week. Investigators reveal the alleged attacker worked at the Subway store.

Tuesday morning, a woman told deputies when she arrived at work a man grabbed her, assaulted her, then tied her up.

Detectives arrested Kenneth Chandler Anderson, and booked him into jail for four felony charges in connection with the attack.

Although a motive for his attack on the woman is not known, investigators say Anderson worked at the restaurant up until his arrest.

The Subway is along Auburn Boulevard, near Garfield Avenue.

Sacramento County investigators are testing evidence from other sexual assaults in that area of the county to see if they are connected to Anderson.

There were three rapes that are still open investigations in the area. The incidents took place last September and December, and January of this year. At the time of the January assault, deputies released the below sketches of the attacker

Read more: http://fox40.com/2014/03/28/arrest-made-in-violent-attack-of-sandwich-store-employee/#ixzz2xPfM1Ikm