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You Going to College?... Be a player: How to navigate the hoes in College.

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Guys Handcuffin hoes in College is a terrible epidemic....and 99% end in break ups before they graduate....

BUT The best advice I can give you youngstas thankin' about doing that higher education thang and jumpin to College...Be a player. Way too much 🤬 on campus to not be one. Take from a Veteran of playerhood and "makin' the grade". Becuz in College, 🤬 is a Huge distraction for guys that like 🤬 and it can cause your grades to slip, especially if you just met a freshmen 🤬 from somewhere like Trinidad and she's all on your 🤬 unlike the neighborhood hoes back home..........An average 🤬 would collapse under the pressure....but I'ma give you a quick tip on how to get endless bad 🤬 drawls whenever you want, and still be able to make good grades, minus the Girlfriend drama while you're there for the next 4 years......Be a player...

Why? because if you anything like me and be on the 🤬 like fresh panties on the first day of school, you will have so much 🤬 thrown at you by the end of the 1st Semester, havin' a steady 🤬 is an excercise in futility and any 🤬 promoting that you should get a steady girl is a fool and he's hatin'. Chances are that 🤬 was already handcuffin' his 🤬 since highschool and he just want some other loser male friends to hang with that's locked down like him...don't fall for it.

The Key
is have various 🤬 on your "team" so to speak so you can maximize your College life experience. And you want their personalities to be just as varied...why? well, becuz that nerdy 🤬 you 🤬 helps you with the study breaks and test, while that 🤬 you 🤬 ' on the drill team always takin' you to the fly parties.

Never fall for the first 🤬 that gives you a BJ. that's for those green suckaz out there that think they just found the girl of their dreams....after she sucked off the football team last week... and guess what, that GF is not gonna wanna 🤬 all the time like you will. keep that in mind. which is why you want other 🤬 jawns available.

Understand the game and you'll understand women. they ain't in no rush to get married, so why should you be? Way too many 🤬 on campus to get lockdown the 1st week. and I know alotta 🤬 that did that too. so I'm sure alotta YOU 🤬 is like that too....lol.....

It's about that College Life experience, IF you plan to go that route. Be a Player..