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Who from the comic universe would step to Dark Schneider?

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Since people been doing the vs threads.

Base Dark Schneider abilities/bio

Dark Schneider is a master of fire magics, and well versed in spells of thunder and lightning as well as Black Magic. He has stated to lack any spells involving ice and cold, though he has a means of invoking such magics.

His most fearsome spells are Venom (a spell known only to him), Exodus, 🤬 , and Halloween.

Majin Dark Schneider: abilities

Dispel Bound:

Has an uncountable amount of shields which can each tank a nuclear blast. If the attack is greater, the first shield will be destroyed, however, it will take all of the damage. In other words, you can only destroy one shield at a time. The shields protection is not limited to physical attacks. It protects against magic, mind, and reality attacks. These shields also regenerate faster then the speed of light. The specifications of the shield can change at will. The only thing Dispel Bound can't do, is protect someone other than himself.

Regeneration:Can instantly regenerate as long as his Eternal Atoms exist. To reach that, you must first go through his Dispel Bound. Even if you manage to go through his shields and 🤬 him. As long as even a single eternal atom exist, he can will himself back into existence.


DS recreates Amrael, Uriel's sister merely from memory. This power has been described as the closest thing to 🤬 by Raphael since DS basically has mastered the concept of creation of even high-level complex beings such as Angels. Amrael is potentially of Virtutes or even Seraphim class, meaning even at minimum she is stronger than the Riders of Havoc.

Adam of Darkness Dark Schneider:

abilities unknown


Him and an opponent destroying reality and entering another one.




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    Doc Strange kills him without effort
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    I need some info on what ability would allow him to note.

    Note: Dispel bound and his judas pain protects DS from reality attacks, meaning things like an all powerful being blinking him out of existence.
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    Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Frank Richards, Nate Summers, The Spectre (DC)
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