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anyone else but me feel like

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This whole donald sterling media blitz is a distraction?

I've never been a conspiracy theorist but the timing seems so odd.

Riley v. California was heard today. This case deals with warrantless police searches of cellphones...barely heard a thing about it

A few weeks ago, the Bryan Singer sex abuse case broke. Many other Hollywood big wigs were supposed to be named in this case...haven't seen much coverage on that anymore

And there were 200-something Nigerian girls abducted from a boarding school by Boko Haram Islamists. These girls are still missing.

I'm sure there are more stories in the news that aren't being covered, idk....I'm just skeptical about why the media is going on and on about this racist old 🤬 being banned from the nba for life when he's practically dead anyway. Seems like a race bait distraction, tbh


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    It's the end of the world. Prepare to meet 🤬 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The media always has some type of agenda going on.

    Created to push propaganda and somehow people began following the 🤬 and taking everything out of it as truth.

    🤬 the media.
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    The problem with the "media distraction" conspiracy theories is had the Donald Sterling thing not happened would people have paid attention to that 🤬 anyway? Your average American isnt exactly that informed nor do they want to be.

    Im sure more people can name the cast of any of the Housewive's Shows than can tell you who Eric Snowden is. This got attention because it's sports related and about race.

    Legal matters and legal discussions are boring to your average person. 🤬 vs. the State of California doesnt really interest many people.

    Since when are black girls put on the news when they're missing? There isnt a such thing as a Shaniqua Alert for a reason. It's an AMBER Alert because people only care about white girls who are missing. Plus these Nigerian girls arent even American. BLack AND not from the US? Nobody gives a 🤬 . Hell the genocides in Africa barely made the Top Stories...

    There are so many holes in the whole "this is just a distraction" 🤬 .
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    jono wrote: »
    That's an interesting perspective. You may have something there.

    Sports and everything related to sports is a distraction to real life issues in general.

    We have a thread going on 100 pgs about this sterling 🤬

    Meanwhile, theres a good chance that in the next week, cops will be able to search your phone without a warrant & implicate you in a crime.

    Just sayin...I deleted my weed man's number out of my phone this AM & ion een smoke no more, lol
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    Man.... America seems like the worst place to live.... Get 🤬 by the laws over there, fuckthat.
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    I gotta say, I like the way this Skyler chick be thinking.
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    Post yo 🤬 skylar..we listening
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    Thot pilgrim is skylar white??

    what thee fuuuuuuuck
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    Thot pilgrim is skylar white??

    what thee fuuuuuuuck


    @Thot_Pilgrim is DU's girl.

    Skylar's been gone for a while.

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    the fact of the matter is that certain things just don't catch fire at certain times...
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    EasyAce wrote: »
    I think the bigger question is why did Joey Crawford stop Kevin Durant just before he was to shoot the game tying free throw, to go to the scorers desk to have them update the fouls on the score board. To which KD missed the free throw cause it broke his rhthym. Blame the basegod or nah.

    Real talk.
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    Wait, how df 200 plus girls disappear and nobody seen 🤬 ?

    I agree with your initial point tho @ ts . I believe "the powers that be" place distractors in the media so that other things can go unnoticed.
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    kai wrote: »
    i don't think it's a distraction, also it depends on where you get your news from. cable news seems to be more about getting views than it is about covering the hard hitting stuff, so of course they are gonna cover what's hot at the moment. this is why i watch the bbc for serious news.

    also like with a lot of things, the story develops over time. so there's a waiting period between when a story breaks and it's eventual conclusion, thru court or whatever. this could take months or years, you can't cover it every day in the mean time

    Is there any good websites you would recommend as far as news coverage?
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    I live in So Cal so it makes sense that this has dominated the majority of media time here. Aside from living here, it's inevitable that it's going get alot of air time simply because it's 1) sports related and 2) it's juicy, gossipy, and sensational. Aside from the Bryan Singer case (which I have seen and heard quite a bit of coverage on), nothing you listed is "fun" and scandalous. That's just how the majority of people are. It's like comparing the Real Housewives like darx said with something like a program on the history channel or NatGeo. The Real Housewives is a bunch of garbage but the ratings overshadow alot of quality programming. Same with this Donald Sterling 🤬 . I do agree though that the whole thing is kind of underwhelming. So an old white man doesn't like Black people; big shocker there.
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    The people who own the news are the same people who own most of everything else

    If everything is inherently biased then it becomes obvious what kind of bias would be reflected in the news
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    She has old saggy 🤬 . Step your 🤬 game up son
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    kai wrote: »
    so there's a waiting period between when a story breaks and it's eventual conclusion, thru court or whatever. this could take months or years, you can't cover it every day in the mean time

    Tell that to CNN.

    They're gonna run that missing plane story through the summer.

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    they talked about them Nigerians on MSNBC and my Facebook timeline blowing up with that...
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    That story bout the missing girls is 🤬 up.
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    i said this in the Donald Sterling thread gimme my props Thottie
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    And there were 200-something Nigerian girls abducted from a boarding school by Boko Haram Islamists. These girls are still missing.

    04/30/14 08:23 PM—UPDATED 04/30/14 08:27 PM

    Two weeks have passed since the militant group Boko Haram abducted 234 school girls from their boarding school in northern Nigeria.

    The teenage girls, who range in age from 16 to 18, were taken from their dormitories at the Government Girls Secondary School in the town of Chibok on April 14 and taken away by trucks in the middle of the night. There are now reports that indicate the school girls, who were thought to be held hostage in the Sambisa Forest, have been sold as brides to Islamic militants for 2,000 naira, or $12.

    Nigerian officials have confirmed the teenage girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram, but have not yet confirmed if they have been sold as brides.

    100 million Nigerians to be registered in new biometrics database
    October 1, 2012 -The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) of Nigeria announced a proposal to register 100 million Nigerians in its recently introduced biometric database system within a period of 30 months.

    NIMC Director General Chris Oneyemenam, said in an interview with newspaper Leadership, that the proposed project will require Nigerians, who are 16 years and above, to participate in the biometric registration that involves capturing and enrolling all detailed information of an individual.

    The participants will then be issued a National Identity Number (NIN) and a National Smart Card, which will integrate and harmonize a variety of important databases including driver’s licence, voter’s registration, sim registration, and online banking.

    Presently, the NIMC has a newly reformed mandate that will provide an authentic and unique identification number to its citizens and legal residents.

    This project was specifically formulated to mitigate and dissolve Nigeria’s problem with security and identity threats.
    Nigerian citizens to be issued unique national identity numbers
    January 4, 2013 - The National Population Commission (NPC) in Nigeria has started a comprehensive biometric capture exercise, which aims to collect biometrics from every Nigerian citizen and resident, Vanguard reports.

    Designed to curtail insurgency and other criminal challenges, this new objective will ultimately issue unique identity numbers to Nigerians, not unlike the Aadhaar program initiated by the Unique Identity Authority of India, which similarly aims to capture the biometrics of all of India’s 1.2 billion habitants.

    Since its implementation, Aadhaar numbers in India have been used for extensively to offer services to Indians. As reported in BiometricUpdate.com, the Department of Social Welfare in India is planning to launch a scholarship payment program using state-issued Aadhaar numbers.

    According to the Chairman of the NPC Chief Festus Odimegwu, biometric identification would help to streamline the avalanche of foreigners into the country, as well as work to fight kidnapping and armed robberies.

    “We are going to do for the first time in Nigeria a comprehensive biometric census.” The chairman said. “To record all Nigerians, their biometrics, give them one number that will follow them from birth to death.”




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    They use distractions indirectly...they know what will grab ratings, the world is their lab project. Most Americans are so dumbed down they don't have to even try. And some of these things that pop up, pop up because it did happen so it becomes a convenience