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What Type Of Person Are You?

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Feminists (Very Stupid)- Believes men are the destroyers of Earthly Paradise and attack men to 'restore' it. Feminists are very stupid because they are attacking the ones who created paradise. Smart women join men in attacking feminists because feminists are a threat to THEIR paradise (of men working for women). Feminists believe if they expel the men, they can create a lesbian relationship which, since it does not involve men, will create paradise.

🤬 (Stupid)- 🤬 are women who act as if they are in Paradise and that is never going to change. They sleep with whoever, get 🤬 , and just waste their lives away. They might wisen up or they might become even stupider (and become a feminist).

Career Woman (Dumb)- Career women correlate to 🤬 and feminists quite well. But career women work because they lack the perception of how to manipulate men. If they did, they would not work. Many Career Women smarten up, find a sucker, and then 'retire' after a baby.

Wife (Norm)- By marrying, a woman now has a servant. She may still work but that will be seen as temporary until he is making enough money (where she will 'retire' for 'love'). Normal women want to get married. Wife also includes mistresses.

Manipulator (Clever)- While all women manipulate, this woman lives for nothing else but to manipulate. She dresses, talks, and basically lives a lie. Whether it be a promotion or something else, she uses manipulation as a science. But she is not really smart, only clever. Her perception is at the level where she knows she can manipulate but she doesn't fully understand how to get men TRULY enslaved.

Traditional (Smart)- Women remain virgins because it allows them to obtain a better husband. Also, it prevents them from becoming single moms which is smart. Religious women are not actually religious but use religion to manipulate the men. How often do you see her reading from the Bible or any serious work? She will do 'volunteer work' to make her FEEL all good but it is nothing more than a feeling.

Housewife (Smartest)- Women have effectively retired to live in a stress free suburban house, surrounded by modern technology (so she rarely has to do chores), and spend the time doing whatever she desires. Many women, such as feminists, attack the housewife but that often results from envy.


Mangina (very stupid)- This guy will be spewing out feminist lines and propoganda. He has no idea how stupid he is. But, like all stupid people, he feels he is very smart. The smartest people are those that feel they know nothing. Manginas are often 🤬 men and metrosexuals. Political Class men are often Manginas. Manginas are easily manipulated which is why they dominate the Political Class (they make good puppets).

Thug (stupid)- Thugs often end up in prison or something else. Women like thugs because they can be manipulated (and they have no guilt for doing so since thugs are worthless). Remember, even Manginas can get girls (but what does that say?).

Nice Guy (norm)- Contrary to what Mirror of the Soul said, it is important to use the 'Nice Guy', etc. terms because it not an illustraion of an action but a label for a certain level of perception. When someone says, "When I was a Nice Guy..." he is referring to a lower perception level, not in the manner he was acting. Most guys are Nice Guys. They believe in Love and will work furiously hard to 'earn' a woman's love. Nice Guys are frustrated because they do not understand women (and admit this). They see women go for thugs or jerks and think, "What in the world!" The purpose of Thugs and Players to women is to be Instant 🤬 . The purpose of Nice Guys is to be Instant Husband. Like Instant Rice, Nice Guy is an Instant Husband that a woman can fall back on (HOPEFULLY).

Player (clever)- Just like every level in this perception list, the player believes he is the smartest of all his peers. He is not. He is only clever. There is actually very little difference between the Nice Guy and Player. The Nice Guy is addicted to sex and female praise like water in a desert. Nice Guy resorts to 'niceness' as a type of withdrawl symptom. But players are addicted to sex and female praise and seek it out in the highest dosage possible. The difference between the Nice Guy and Player is the difference between the poor 🤬 addict and the rich 🤬 addict.

🤬 (smart)- Jerks are quite smart. Their perception is above the usual female addiction typical of lower perceptions. They are called jerks by women because the 🤬 cannot be manipulated. Players actually create their 'strategies' by studying jerks. Do not confuse a thug with a 🤬 however. While thugs don't care about female addiction, they don't care about anything else either. Jerks are often successful in the world of business.

Loser (smartest)- The Loser is someone who disregards "The Way". The difference between a Loser and 🤬 is that the 🤬 is a guy who cannot be manipulated. But a loser is someone who abandons "The Way" altogether. Bill Gates is a loser for he quit Harvard. Steve Jobs was a loser too as he failed college. Michael Dell is a loser as he quit school. It takes enormous strength to not just stop being manipulated but go AGAINST the current, against "The Way" that flows and propels all the Nice Guys to their fish cages. If the Loser keeps pushing upstream, eventually he slips out to the open ocean to true freedom (I know upstream doesn't lead to the ocean but I like this metaphor so shhh!). Losers are named so by women. If a guy wants to live with a foreign woman, he is called a loser. If a guy wants to not work himself to death and achieve financial freedom, he is called a loser. Losers are smart because they have mastered their emotions, their finances, and their bodies to keep all of them in good shape.