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Why do some broads be getting all uptight if/when...

Lustchyld Members Posts: 987 ✭✭✭✭
...you compliment them on their ass/🤬 ? Some years ago, a co-worker damn near charged a 🤬 wit sexual harassment for this. I ain't bullshittin. It wasn't like it was some ongoing thing where I constantly talked about it either. It seemed like we were getting along well enough so one day I made a comment to the effect of "nice 🤬 ". She was all giggly and 🤬 . Next thing I know the manager want to have a meeting in his office and I'm getting the pink slip. You would've thought I discriminated against her religion or some 🤬 . If I would've said she was attractive and didn't mention her 🤬 the premise is still the same. I'm just pointing out that I like her 🤬 . This is a GOOD thing. Ladies, you don't like being considered attractive? How do yall justify this nonsense?