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LEBRON JAMES (and others) say they will BOYCOTT the NBA if DONALD STERLING (or his wife/family) stay



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    They have no legal grounds to stand on. Sterling has a contract he agreed to, that states that he has to abide by certain rules determined by the commissioner. Because the terms of ousting an owner are ambiguous, the commissioner has final say in how it should be interpreted. California is a community property state, which means that if/when the Clippers are stripped from Donald Sterling, the are also stripped from his wife.

    By the way, I am in no way against a dress code for your work place. It's professional and makes a great impression on potential investors. But Stern was going at cornrows, locks, baggy clothes, etc. that were specific to African Americans - the bulk of players and stars that have made the league what it is. We can say the entire league looked the other way when this stuff was happening, but maybe people were making noise about it and it was just being ignored by Stern. Remember, Elgin Baylor and other Clipper employees have been complaining about racism for a while now. Perhaps the players saw the new commissioner as someone with a different mindset on the matter, that would take their concerns seriously

    But at the bolded again why did doc rivers who has gone through that racism take the money to coach there? Why did other black free agents sign to the team? If there had been known articles and complaints i think some of that goes on the players and coach. Not to mention Doc let Sterlings wife attend games (she wouldn't have if he said no). Regardless of race looking back that baggy clothes 🤬 was something older black adults hated at the same time again it was magnified cause stern is a rich white man. The image needed to be cleaned up. Even rappers like Dre and Hov and diddy have moved off that image and kids now are moving off that image too.