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Thoughts on the Michael Jackson hologram performance

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*2Pac's Coachella hologram performance 🤬 on this. Both legends. I just think the creators behind this MJ one, could not have been the same as the 2Pac one..
*Did they go this route because Chris Brown is locked up?? I know he isn't MJ by any means, but dude does a much better tribute than the 🤬 that transpired
*I can see it being used for say a mintue or so here and there in a show for say rappers, but an entire song and it being MJ.. I just think it isn't needed.. rappers speak of life after death in raps, and murder etc, and when one holograms pops up it seems literally "larger than life".. but with MJ to me this performance seemed corny and imo I feel they need to cut this 🤬 out it was bordering disrespectful more than anything else.
*They could have donated the money to create this farce to starving kids, and sure MJ would've liked that idea alot more