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Like above so below. Should our bodies be mostly empty like Earth's atmosphere?

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I'm still a little bit curious about Breatherians-getting your food from Black Light and the atmosphere a couple of months ago. And my curiosity peaked today when I came across this article about an ancient map that should Earth without any oceans.
Maybe 🤬 meant for our bodies to be filled with gases and liquid mists instead of water and eating solid food.

I wonder is our bodies were made mostly of gas instead of oxygen would we experience getting cold in cold environments.
Oxygen has a very, very low freezing point. All of those who answer that oxygen cannot be frozen are wrong. In fact it freezes at low temperatures of 54.36 K
(-218.79 °C, -361.82 °F)
Liquid oxygen has the freezing point of 50.5 K, which is negative 368.77 degrees F. Its boiling point is a soaring 90.19 K, or 297.33 degrees F.


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    It sounds dangerous but I don't know. Maybe this combined with living in a Pyramid home can lead to a very strong body? Maybe. Shame that it's illegal to live in one





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    if your contention is "going to stop eating and it'll all work out," enjoy the sweet embrace of death
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    Not doing this. I might do it partially in a couple years depending on the state of the economy. But I still have hope. Perpetual motion equals 🤬 making something out of nothing.

    It's interesting to note that the whole body absorbs water and not just your stomach.


    Medical student's opinion:
    The pressure acting on your cells has 2 forms:
    - Oncotic pressure due to the difference in tonicity of the solution vs the cell
    - Hydrostatic pressure due to the difference in physical pressures of outside vs cell

    Swimming in hypotonic solution (your cells are hypertonic to it) will cause your cells to absorb some water. This is why your skin wrinkles (absorbing water and expanding your skin beyond the normal size).
    However, absorbing that water increases the amount of water in your body/cells which have a limited ability to stretch. The more water absorbed the less they can stretch and therefor the greater the amount of hydrostatic pressure pushing back. (Think of blowing up a soccer ball, at some point it becomes very difficult to put more air in)

    Eventually the hydrostatic pressure pushing back will equal the oncotic pressure pushing in and your body comes to equilibrium without popping.

    The fluid goes into your stomach, and is then absorbed into the body. Most of your body is composed of water. It goes into the cells, and hydrates the rest of your body and organs. The excess is excreted through the 🤬 and the bowel. Water is essential to the body. You will die from a lack of fluid more quickly than from a lack of food.

    You need water to hydrate, but too much pure water can upset your electrolyte balance.

    hypertonicity (noun).
    Compare: hypotonic, isotonic.
    See also: tonicity, osmotic pressure, solution, solute, concentration gradient

    Having a greater degree of tone or tension.

    Having a higher osmotic pressure in a fluid relative to another fluid.

    Of or pertaining to a solution (e.g. extracelllular fluid) with higher solute concentration compared with another. (see: hypotonic, isotonic). For example, if the extracellular fluid has greater amounts of solutes than the cytoplasm, the extracellular fluid is said to be hypertonic.


    A cell placed in a highly concentrated solution will result in the water molecules diffusing out of the cell. Eventually, the cell will shrink. It should be noted, however, that not all cells in a hypertonic solution will shrink. The cells have ways to circumvent hypertonicity (see osmoregulation).
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    Another good argument for Breatharianism? Light water, water with a reduction of about 25% Deuterium.


    Aging is associated with accumulation of errors in DNA replication. The free radicals have an adverse affect on this process. Deuterium atoms in water molecules and radiation also have an adverse effect on DNA replication in the human organism

    Deuterium is a heavier isotope of hydrogen. It hinders vital processes in living organisms (Mosin, 1996).

    Experiments with plants and animals have shown that when using water containing 25-30% less deuterium atoms, pigs, rats and mice have an offspring that is bigger and more numerous. Birds that drink deuterium depleted water have accelerated development of their sexual organs and their spermatogenesis process is quickened, laying eggs increases almost 2 times. Wheat matures earlier and gives a richer harvest
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