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EA To 2K "Buy The (NFL) License Make A Game, Let's Battle Anytime Anywhere

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  • Breezy_Kilroy
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    They bluffing
    2k would 🤬 on them and they know it
  • earth two superman
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    Um.. can they even buy the license? If they can't, it's just a 🤬 move by EA.
  • themadlionsfan
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    "You wanna battle
    but you beat around the bush
    like you scared to lick the 🤬
    so you eat around the 🤬 "
  • jee504
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    Well EA buys the exclusive rights to make an NFL game. So its not about 2k buying a license.
    EA bought the license after they saw that people flocked to 2k because of gameplay and it being $20. A cheap and a great game at the same time. EA put that money up and haven't been innovative since. Taking away old features then re-releasing years later touting it as a new feature. EA's bread and butter with Madden is the Ultimate Team. I never got into the online stuff, I played offline franchises but even that started to get stale.
    They can talk that big 🤬 about football but who put them on the back end of basketball. They just gave up on one of those NBA Lives one year.
    I think if EA had competition from 2k then we'd get a better game but until that happens you'll get better graphics with a roster update.