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Mass Effect 4 Release Date: Bioware Expects 2015

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Mass Effect 4 Release Date is expected for next year as game developer Bioware reported to have all their attention and focus for a different game this year. (BioWare, Mass Effect 4, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Mass Effect 4 Release Date: Bioware Expects ME For 2015; Developers Admits They Are Focusing On Dragon Age: Inquisition For This Year

Former BioWare community manager Chris Priestly recently wrote on their official forum that they have been focusing for Dragon Age: Inquisition this year as they prepare for its release date on October before starting a new project namely Mass Effect 4, which is expected next year.

"I would guess that BioWare wants the focus of 2014 to be on Dragon Age: Inquisition," he wrote. "DA2 was not loved by all fans *cough*, but it was an important step going from DA:O to what DA:I looks to be.

"As such, and to ensure that DA:I will allow for much more DA content to come in the future (DLC for DAI, DA4/5/6 or whatever they get called, ancillary products, etc), I think this year's E3 will heavily push Inquisition to the press and gamers. To announce whatever the next ME game is called at E3 would dilute BioWare focus.

"I do hope Aaryn or Casey drop a few hints, but I really doubt there will be any teasers, trailers or even substantial news interviews about MENext. Given that for some fans the last memory of the trilogy was a negative one, I think BioWare will want to really wow prospective ME fans to pay attention to a new title right out of the gate, rather than announcing a few details or teaser trailer, then going dark while DA:I takes center stage."

It has been reported, meanwhile, earlier this year that ME might not have the same name when it will be released to stay away from the Commander Shepard storyline seen in the first few installations of the game.

"To call the next game Mass Effect 4 or ME4 is doing it a disservice and seems to cause a lot of confusion here," Priestly wrote on the company's forums.

"We have already said that the Commander Shepard trilogy is over and that the next game will not feature him/her. That is the only detail you have on the game. I see people saying 'well, they'll have to pick a canon ending'. No, because the game does not have to come after. Or before. Or off to the side. Or with characters you know. Or yaddayaddayadda."