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Miss Independent

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So last night I caught part of VH1 helps spread vanarial diseases between Chad Ocho Cinco and various unknown fame 🤬

And this chick kept talking about how independent she is and how that makes her a great catch. According to her

Having a degree
A job
No husband
No kids

Made her the 🤬

I have those things but I don't think that makes me the 🤬 , I think that makes me an adult who made certain choices, I'm the 🤬 because simply I am

And it reminded why sometimes self proclaimed independent women 🤬 me off

They want praise for doing normal and 🤬 , AND they completely 🤬 up what womens rights is supposed to be about.

Do you these independent women bother you too???


  • shadb33
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    yes and that's why i hate that term and other terms like it such as "strong black woman"
    DEE-LICIOUS Members Posts: 6,088 ✭✭✭
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    Yes it is annoying as hell. how u excited about 🤬 ur supposed to be doing? I'm definitely all about being independent....but I don't feel the need to tell people that 🤬 or act like it's such a big feat. I'm not SUPPOSED to be living with my mama at 30. Why the hell would someone deserve praise for that?
  • betterthenu84
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    Yes its annoying you shouldn't get praised for doing normal 🤬 ...now if you owned your own business and were giving back to the community in a major way then I'll praise you...but until then total thumbs down. I also hate the praise fathers get for raising children...why should I praise when your doing something you should be doing anyway?

    oh and I love "I'm the 🤬 because simply I am" <<that will be my sig but in pink :)
  • the_underground
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    Eh, I don't pay Reality TV chicks any mind, so what they say or do is more of a reflection of entertainment, not reality. I let birds be birds.
  • Sourpatch Kid
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    TV gives alot of people a false perception of what reality is. Even the people on TV don't know who they are. Reality TV isn't really real just a false notion of what people claim they are.
  • CMac
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    Independent women are the best, are those attributes shouldn't be praised that 🤬 should be normal for a young women.
  • blakfyahking
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    *standing ovation for this thread*

    the women-hating mob should read these comments
  • Meet The Sniper
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    *standing ovation for this thread*

    the women-hating mob should read these comments

    While I dislike that mob...

    What would they disagree with in this thread?
  • Oneblackrose2hi
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    ..can we add people who call themselves 'grown' all the time to the list??....i never met a truly grown person that had to proclaim this on a daily basis....justifying childish actions...smh...
  • juice86
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    Miss Independent LOL thats the biggest joke ever!
  • one_manshow
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    Real independent women move in silence they don't need to advertise their accomplishments to other women/men they let credentials and achievements do the talking.
  • DarcSkies777
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    I think a lot of times when there are so few people doing normal 🤬 it makes actually doing it seem like more of an accomplishment.
  • Blue Virgo
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    I think a lot of times when there are so few people doing normal 🤬 it makes actually doing it seem like more of an accomplishment.

    I agree with this.

    The term doesn't bother me, because I feel like if it's you--it's you. You're happy because you didn't "🤬 up your life"? Scream it from the mountain tops. I'm happy for you too, lady.
  • MsSouthern
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    I don't know any women in my immediate circle who talk like this

    It's more of a given... we can all see what each other has or doesn't have

    Women that feel the need to brag about their lives are kinda pathetic to me.....
  • Focal Point
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    Nice breakdown ladies
  • Shuffington
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    Honestly.... it can be annoying...but it doesnt really bother me like that. And then again .... reality tv is always distorted and re-edited to paint a specific picture.
    You will have producers on set asking bait questions. Its all one big set-up to acquire ratings.