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has anyone seen this woman walking around?

r.prince18 Members Posts: 1,353 ✭✭✭✭✭

their stories of this strange woman in black walking around the country have any of you seen her.


  • GorillaWitAttitude
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  • kzzl
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    She look like one of them Arabs I be seeing.

    Speaking of which, I saw these two Arab chicks rocking the head wrap and had on the fubu, rocawear looking 🤬 . And the 🤬 was matching all the way to the sneakers. I ain't know them people be styling like that.

    🤬 was like.... Arabian hoodrats. Had they kids with them and 🤬 . I tripped out.
  • Rubato Garcia
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    Why is this significant?
  • zombie
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    man i'm trying my best not to see this vampire looking white 🤬 looking like the nazgul from lord of the rings
    looking like the dementors from harry potter
  • 32DaysOfInfiniti
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    what has she done thats so strange