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Female Gamers Furious Over Lack Of Playable Female Characters In Madden 15

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Madden 15 released several gameplay videos and a trailer this week, much to the chagrin of some of the most vocal writers in the burgeoning gaming community. The videos showed off Madden 15′s new-found focus on the defensive side of the ball and enhanced player animations. What the game refused to introduce however was a willingness to waive its antiquated gender perceptions and introduce any playable female characters to the game.

A written statement from the National Association of Writers for More Women Characters in All Video Games Ever (NAWMWCAVGE) released a statement expressing their tremendous disappointment at Madden 15′s decision to once again not include female characters in the professional football game:

“We had the unfortunate opportunity to view the latest offering from Madden 15 today, and are extremely disappointed in the game maker’s choice to not include any female character’s with agency in the game. We were also disturbed by the game’s proclivity to display chauvinistic imagery of girls in short skirts, celebrating only when the male characters scored achievements in the game.”

– April Winfrey, NAWMWCAVGE

The NAWMWCAVGE recently fought and won a lawsuit against an indie game maker who made a puzzle game inspired by his son, called Chris’s Dominoes. A Federal Judge ruled there was nothing within the game’s plot or mechanics that required Chris to be a boy, forcing the game designer to create a separate version with a female lead. The judge also ruled that the plot must depict an autonomous lead female, girl, woman that rips the testicles off of the final male boss, while wearing an ankle length dress and having a hair-cut that goes no longer than her shoulders.

The indie game maker, trying to finance the second game, has thankfully gone bankrupt.

Many believed the Chris’s Dominoes decision would allow the feminist gaming organization to come out victorious against Madden 15. After all, Madden 15 has shown what seems to be an almost defiant attitude at including only male characters throughout the football game’s nearly 30 year history.

Madden 15 releases August 26th and members of the NAWMWCAVGE are asking customers to boycott the game — at the very least, they’re encouraging everyone to follow their blog and like their facebook page.