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Madden NFL 15 Reviews From Around the Web

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•USA Today (3.5/4)

However, Madden NFL 15 does lack that one significant feature that sets it apart. Instead, players get a series of smaller improvements to bolster the experience. But it seems EA is better suited managing the growing pains that come with the shift to new hardware.

•International Digital Times (9/10)

All in all, Madden NFL 15 is a welcome addition to the franchise bringing in more mechanics to make each game feel like a real life NFL game. The graphics are amazing and there is plenty of replayability with the Gauntlet and Connected Franchise modes.

Playing EA's latest football game has brought this Sports nut back to loving sports games again and whether you're new, left the genre like me or a seasoned Madden player you'll love this game.

•US Gamer (3/5)

Madden NFL 15 is an enjoyable football game on the surface, but its dragged down by a thousand little issues, including a poor interface, odd glitches, the inability to skip certain cutscenes, and more. As nice as it is to see it take a step forward in terms of accessibility, it still has a ways to go before catching up with the likes of FIFA and NBA 2K.

•CheatCC (4.3/5)

There are a few other nuggets of Madden NFL 15 that I am sure you will love, but I don’t want to spoil anything because there are a few new additions I love and am glad were not spoiled for me. Trust me though, they are very solid additions to the franchise and I can’t wait to see how they refine them with each future installment. Okay, fine, I will share about one other. Remember how I said it was all about the “D” this year? Well this next small feature truly acknowledges that.

•Game Rant (4/5)

Madden NFL 15 is the best the series has looked and played in years, and is very close to coalescing into something truly impressive. One or two more years under these new consoles and more changes like those featured this year, and Madden just might reclaim its old glory.

•GoodGameBro (Buy)

Madden NFL 15 provides enough improvements in gameplay and presentation over last year’s debut on the new generation of consoles to feel like the first true start to “next-gen” football. For the first time in a few years, both sides of the ball are enjoyable and exciting to play, providing a balanced experience on the field. Career modes remain a weak point in the overall package, and some gameplay legacy issues remain to be addressed as the franchise continues to develop, but this year’s game comes recommended as a “Buy” at launch.

•Gamesrader (4/5)

A new coat of paint, a ton of actionable analytic data, solid improvement in the trenches, and the extension of two popular modes makes Madden NFL 15 a winner


•GameInformer (8/10)

Sports games like Madden are often chided for being too iterative, but in this case I hope we're witnessing the first steps in a larger progression. Future Maddens need to support Madden 15's additions so we don't wonder why once-prominent features haven't evolved. The series can't withstand another rebuilding year or worse - an entire console generation thrown away.

•CanadianOnlineGamers (87/100)

I like what EA Sports has managed to accomplish with Madden NFL 15. Improved player models, upgrades in the defensive game and enhancements to the fan favorite Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team modes makes for a game NFL fans can get excited for all over again. There is no question the franchise has taken a significant leap this year moving closer to a more authentic, true to life game. There remains room for improvement and I certainly experienced a few let-downs with Madden 15; however, this is hands down the best Madden game to date. And let’s just say the future remains bright for the franchise.

•Arcade Sushi (8/10)

Madden NFL 15 promises full NFL authenticity, but in practice asks us to meet it halfway. There’s a lot of great improvements. and the uncanny valley of NFL simulation is in site, but there’s a lot more work to be done. It may not fully be the revolution EA Tiburon says it is, but Madden NFL 15 is still a really fun way to get your football game fix. Even after 26 years, Madden still impresses.