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The Division Release Date, Plot, Rumors & Reveals

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The Division Release Date, Plot, Rumors and Reveals: Ubisoft also Describes the Settings from Division as Realistic but a very Extreme Scenario

The release date for the upcoming third person shooter game has been slated for May of next year. The same reports stated that they were putting in a lot of effort in ensuring the quality of the game is top of the line. The developers stated that they are creating something that would give the clients pleasure and they do not want to compromise on the quality of the game in any way. As such, the upcoming game will be released for PS4, PC and x Box One platforms. There was a reveals session at Ubisoft and David Polfeldt who is a producer for the game stated that he was excited about the release of the game and the reaction from the public.

According to Polfeldt, "We are very happy with the dialogue we are engaging, the conversations we are having with our fans, and we plan to continue that,". For those who do not know, the story is based on a deadly contagion which has taken over the state of New York and caused mass death and destruction. The player is a government agent, former military operator who has been deployed on orders from the president to go and neutralize the threat that is currently taking place. According to the developers, they are currently going for a different feel with the game whereby they are creating a cover-focused combat game. This means that progress will depend on the management, skills and how the player is able to manage skills, and the Clancy tech.

One of the producers from Ubisoft also describes the setting s from Division as realistic but a very extreme scenario. The context according to the developers, "something that I think everyone in Western civilization highly fears - like what if your cell phone suddenly doesn't work? And the Internet suddenly stops working. What do you do? Because I couldn't cope, I dunno about you. I'm one of the first dead in this scenario."