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Tablet Gaming Revenue Expected To Exceed $13 Billion By 2019

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Juniper Research made some forecasts recently regarding mobile, console, and PC sales for next four or five years. What the firm predicts for tablet gaming specifically seems to be one of the biggest shifts they foresee, as they expect worldwide tablet gaming revenue to more than triple by 2019, estimated to go from the current $3.6 billion to a staggering $13.3 billion.

Juniper claims that this meteoric rise will come due to steady improvements in a range of categories including ease of access, graphical quality, worldwide broadband internet quality, and data capacity for tablet devices. While this may seem to be good news for aspiring indie developers working on mobile platforms, Juniper sees increasing difficulties for them, as making money off of tablet games will get increasingly more difficult as more and more options flood the market, and as less and less of said options will cost money at the point of download.

Advertising is believed to become an even more important factor in this sector of gaming, as the aforementioned free to download model will quickly become the overwhelming standard, with an estimated 6% of tablet games in 2019 having an asking price at the time of the initial game download.


Aside from tablet gaming, Juniper also noted that in the PC and console gaming sectors, digital downloads and free to play business elements will continue to grow as sales decline. Given the recent success of home consoles, it is unclear whether or not these predicted trends will be adversely affected, but it seems likely that these trends are going to continue regardless of sales as an increasing number of gamers adapt to the idea of digital purchases and after retail monetary transactions.