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memorable game name dropping

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For me two stand out. 1) when on dreams from the first album, he said cause im the future, whitney houston told me that...

At first I was like oh 🤬 , whitney be on her hiphop 🤬 and she thinks game is the future??? Damn!!!!!! I remember for a long time I had mad respect for whitney for telling game this. Until I randomly heard whitneys greatest love of all song and she sang "I believe the children are the future" and I realized that is what he was referencing, but he says said it like d she personally told him that

2) on one skit on a random album some interuders are on his property and his dogs are barking so he says "yo biggie tupac shut the 🤬 up" then he later says "biggie and tupac, the names of my dogs and 🤬 ." But if this is supposed to be a live reenactment skit, why would he be explaining to us that biggie and tupac are names of his dogs. He wouldn't be explaining it because no audience would be at his house if it was going on real time in the album skit. So he has the skitreenacment with his thoughts on p potential listeners on the cd.
That as 🤬 makes it self conscious and a way for him to tell us his dogs names


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