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Ever had a "dangerous" encounter with any animals?

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Whether they be insects, stray dogs, bears, deers, etc.

Dangerous is in quotes because I don't expect these encounters to be necessarily dangerous, like this one.

I was about 7 or 8, and I was walking back from the gas station with my bike because something was wrong with it.

These two pit bulls came out of nowhere, and started running through the block, they probably just wanted to play, but I didn't know that at the time. They started getting near me, and a nearby adult took his belt off and started swinging at them, and I keep walking to the house because I didn't want to leave my bike behind, and plus they always told us not to run from dogs.

So, I'm almost to the house, across the street and two houses down, and I hear some people yelling, so I look back and the pits are bout 6-7 houses down and closing fast, so I'm like "I think I can make it." I throw the bike down, and cut across the street running straight to my house, I make it to the porch and get ready to open the screen door to use as a barrier, but they ended up just running past the porch and behind the house. -_-


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    I live around alot of fields/wooded areas so had a few encounters....

    Bee/wasp hives almost had me a few times, had one mate who got caught up in a swarm, lucky to be alive.

    Used to go out to the fields as a youngin to smoke weed and 🤬 out the way of prying eyes... Many times been stampeded by cows/bulls protecting calfs end up stuck up a tree for hours lol.

    Used to be a farm with stacked up hay bales few fields from where I lived, used to get 🤬 in the bales and push them off the top rolling them into the brooks/streams and 🤬 .

    One day farmer pulled up but we didn't hear him step round the side of the open back shed it was stored in to a double barrel shotgun in my face lol could tell he wanted to pull the trigger.... My problem is I've been 6 foot+ since I was around 12-13 so from afar I would be mistook for an adult. (Not wildlife but was in wilderness I guess? Lol).

    When cycling through my estate some old woman used to have a stereotypical Jack Russell.

    Loud as 🤬 yapping at everything and it hated bikes for some reason.

    Going past her house one day and the little 🤬 latched onto my "pant" leg almost made me bail and 🤬 us both up, dog got put down shortly after as it managed to catch a youngin on his bike and 🤬 him up.

    Sure theirs more I just got a 🤬 memory ill post up if any return, good thread potential though.
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    When I was about 10 I walked out the house to take the garbage out. As soon as I stepped out the door a bat (yes, a bat) flew outta nowhere and hit me in the face. I dropped the garbage bag and broke out running.

    Hahahaha in in tears at this one...
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    Few years ago when i was in St. Lucia, a bunch our friends went to a beach restaurant...I was on the beach lying down alone trying to find constellations and heard a bunch of dogs barking....thought they were in the distance...

    When i got up to see what everyone was up to, i was surrounded by like 7 or 8 wild dogs....lmao...i ended up slowly creeping away while they were growling at me...
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    One thing I forgot to add. After all the coyotes got done howling I was scared as hell, but I knew right then and there, this is the life for me. It was a very exhilarating experience.
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    Matter of fact, earlier i was chilling with my dogs at the park. talking, barking at foxes, and chicken heads. Watching cats play ball. then some pigs walked by ,eyeing us, snorting just stinking up the joint.
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    How bout that time when the neighbors pit missed my achilles by less than a inch when it caught my shoe as I was hopping the gate
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    Another time i went to this 🤬 house..i was a teen n she had a k-9 dog..so he would come by me n one day i picked him up n this motha 🤬 bit my wrist but luckily i was wearing a big ugly fuckn watch..i felt kinda embarrassed bcuz it happen n front of the 🤬
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    When I was in Guyana I got run up on while I was in the out house by a pack of wild dogs. Had to sit there in that nasty 🤬 for a hour before someone came for me. Pretty much knew I wasn't vacationing in no more 3rd world countries after that 🤬 .

    lol elaborate
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    I'm a city slicker but i came up 🤬 around in the woodlands of various states in greater New England. I've seen bears foraging, I've heard rattlesnakes in the distance, I've ran with deer. None of that prepared me for the day that i backed into a yellow jacket nest. Those 🤬 tore the back of my head asunder.
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    A lizard fell out of a tree onto my face. I survived.
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    At another juncture in my life, i was kicking it with some hoes of a standard quality, and a pigeon decided to 🤬 on my hand. Embarrassing to say the least.