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PlayStation 4 To Add Internet TV Later This Year

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Sony is making big progress in offering content and features on the PlayStation 4 that aren’t gaming oriented. The company is working on an original TV series exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS3 owners (with PS Plus), and now the company has announced another foray into the content world.

Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House recently revealed that they are working on an Internet TV service for the PlayStation 4, PS3, and Vita, and that it will launch by the end of 2014.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, House said that Sony is looking to expand on the PlayStation 4 eco-system, which isn’t a surprise, since the PS4 is one of the few profitable businesses Sony has. Last week, the company revealed that it plans to lose a whopping $2 Billion in the current fiscal year.

House didn’t reveal any specific details about the new Internet TV service for the PS4, but we do know from previous reports that it will allow the PlayStation 4 to function as a DVR. We also know that Viacom is on board, which means that networks such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central should be available.


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