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Which of you ladies would give Foria a try?

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We love our weed, but we love a fulfilling sesh in the sack even more, and while in the past you may have had to choose between getting high and getting laid, now women can do both at the same time, all thanks to Foria. A personal lubricant infused with THC, Foria will simultaneously make a lady feel the effects of marijuana, and then aid in experience a 15 minute orgasms.

Designed entirely for women, Foria is made with a combination of cannabis and coconut oil, with zero added chemicals, additives or sugars. Edible and gluten-free, Foria is apparently “delicious to eat” according to its creators, but that’s not how you enjoy the full effects of Foria.

Much like any other vaginal lubricant, Foria is applied to the “area” which will then induce feelings of relaxation (aka getting body high) and, according to Earth We Are One and Foria’s creators, “you to enjoy at least 15 minutes of continuous 🤬 .” Apprently over 100 women were tested with the product, all of whom reported a more pleasureable sexual experience after using Foria.

A 15 minute orgasms is an incredible claim to make (the creators have stated that every woman will experience the effects differently) but the promise of getting high while having sex is good enough for us. The perfect gift for the lady-stoner in your life, check out Foria’s trailer below. Head to Foria’s website for more info too.



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